Best Mexican Food Dishes

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1 tacos tacos A taco is a traditional Mexican dish composed of a corn or wheat tortilla folded or rolled around a filling.

There's not only one type but many even Americans are making their own kind

2 enchiladas V 1 Comment
3 quesadillas

I'm Mexican I rather much more quesadillas than taco

My mom's homemade quesadillas taste great. - Pegasister12

4 burritos

stuff inb tacos often fall out. burritos keeps them in place

Burritos are less messy than tacos

5 nachos

Nachos from La Bamba = Greatest meal of all-time

6 carne con chile
7 carnitas
8 Tamales

Tamales are so good! And when Christmas and New Years comes around, it's heaven to me because it's a Mexican tradition to make tamales on those days. There's so many tamales and gosh, they're so good, especially the pork ones. - Supernatural

9 tortas
10 fajitas

I could live off these things all my life. - fireinside96

The Contenders

11 empanadas
12 margaritas
13 tostadas
14 Flautas
15 pozole
16 guacamole
17 chilaquiles

So good I have them with eggs and bacon!

18 menudo
19 chimichangas
20 Pambazos
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