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The Top Ten

Second & Sebring
This song makes me love my mom even more
I just love this. "this is not what it is, only baby scars. I need your love like a boy needs his mother's side" absolutely beautiful, powerful lyrics.
Beautiful song and outstanding lyrics. 200% perfect. So great I can't even begin to explain how much I love this song and band.
The only song I have never gotten tired of. Amazing
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2My Understandings
Powerful and addictive. I've listened to this song well over one hundred times. Pity its short, but deserves to be number one.
This song is amazing you will never get tired of it
One of the most powerful songs I have ever heard. It's so short but it's still some of the best music I have ever heard, it needs to be number 1.


No song gives me an amount of chills that's even comparable to the chills 'my understandings' gives me. It's like, THE song.
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3The Depths
This is one of my favorite songs of all time I always feel ilke a bad ass when the hard into comes in!
The depths is just perfect. always my go-to song for getting me pumped, motivated or for jumping around
Awesome song by an awesome band. This song makes me feel superior to everyone else :) Thank you Of Mice & Men for creating such good music
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4Let Live
I love this song so much! It helped me when I was struggling with letting go of people that were just hurting me but it was hard to let go of. This whole band if just amazing I love them and this song!
This shows that people only listen to the hits. This song is amazing! Austin delivered it in a powerful way and Shayley's hook made the song perfect! Great guitars and drumming but more importantly, the melody and lyrics where beautiful. One of their best songs!
This song is amazing! Currently am in love with this song!
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5O.G. Loko
Such a tune, listen to this over and over again whilst driving, can't get enough of it.
This song fuels me up like no other. Awesome lyrics!
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6When You Can't Sleep at Night
This is one of the best songs I've ever heard in my entire life. The words are marvelous, I know this song relates to at least 10 girls I know. I listen to this song at night, during daytime, anytime. Honestly this song is the best ever written and sang by Austin. No doubt about it.
, listen to this song. It's beautiful and never fails to calm me down. I love their hardcore stuff, but this is what really got me hooked.
This song is actually one of the most calming and peaceful songs I've ever heard. It can calm me down almost instantly, and it's defiantly my favorite of mice & men songs. X
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One of their best, powerful songs. The screams build up to an incredibly catchy, memorable chorus. Just outright amazing!
I love this song! It's personally one of the best songs that I've listened to from om&m!
I am so in love with this song! It is amazing and the lyrics are so powerful and amazing. The way Austin Fry screams is just amazing. Nobody can fry scream like austin and its just amazing how he can do that so perfectly. It is austin at his best defiantely
My first song of them <3 this song makes me know om&m 😍
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8This One's for You
"I'll play the romeo, you play the juliet. The sun wont set until you appear. Because I know you're the one, my love my love". The power of the lyrics in this song is amazing.
I am in love with this song because it talks about being in love. Really awesome lyrics in this one and austin's scream was amazing
Awesome song, really awesome song it has to be higher in the list because it doesn't deserve to be so low on this list
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Shayley's clean vocals, Austin's screaming, Alan & Phil's guitars, Tino's drums, altogether make this song perfect and it has such a perfect beat and rhythm. Such a catchy song, I can fall asleep to it, I can wake up to it, I can sing it all day! Perfect.. Just perf.
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10The Storm
This song saved my life. The lyrics mean everything to me.
Seriously, if they continue like this then they're on track to becoming a favourite of mine. Love the 4 new songs, not a fan of their other stuff. Emotional, heart felt epicness.
Probably the most powerful song I've ever heard. Musical genius at its finest.


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The Contenders

11The Flood
First song I've heard of OM&M and favorite song ever.
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12Ben Threw
Listen to sample

13Still YDG'N Listen to sample

14Another You
Super sad and sentimental... So in other words, incredible.
"All you do is make me feel excactly what you are, you make me sick" pure awesomeness
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15I'm a Monster Listen to sample

16Product of a Murderer
This song is pretty intense, gets me in the mood and I can literally sleep to this stuff. I love all of their songs but this one of one of the best out of the album to me
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17Seven Thousand Miles for What Listen to sample

This song is the best off the album. The guitar is perfect


Powerful lyrics, powerful sound, all around genius


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19You're Not Alone
This is one of the best songs ever in the history of metalcore. Deserves to be in the top 3, that's for sure. Every second of this song is pure perfection. The lyrics "Don't let the world bring you down, there's always hope for the willing" really helped me go through tough times.
If Austin Carlisle singing 'your not alone, your with me' doesn't make you feel like the safest most comfortable person in the world then I don't know what will to be honest
I'm actually quite disappointed this is at Number 21.


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20John Deux Trois
Totally badass and awesome tune, that definitely puts me in a good mood
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21Bones Exposed
This is on their newest album and I'm so excited for it to be released. ! I've heard it and its awesome. Can't wait it download it. Its beast guys
I'm waiting for this to go up to #1. I understand this song is from their newest album, but still, what is it doing in #17? Every millisecond of this song is pure perfection. I've been listening to it nonstop for months.
This song is #1 on my Top 25 Most Played Songs. Every millisecond of this song is amazing. Carlile's growls, the instruments, beats, everything. Everything is done so perfectly. I will never get tired of this song.
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22The Great Hendowski Listen to sample

23No Really, It's Fine

24Would You Still Be There Listen to sample

25Those In Glass Houses
Everyone just plays this song so well. The drumming is insane, the guitar is insane, the screaming is insane, and Shay's clean vocals are just as good as the rest.
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26Westbound & Down Listen to sample

27Feels Like Forever
The start is awesome, and it is my favourite on restoring force!
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28The Ballad of Tommy Clayton & the Rawdawg Millionaire
The guitar is EPICCC! And it is so emotion packed :') and shay let's vocal abilities are best portrayed in this song. I find it so crazy that it isn't at a higher rank
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29Public Service Announcement
This song just helps me let off steam when I'm mad at people for talking smack.
Love this song, it's so angry.
Their greatest song ever, amazing screams and lyrics, don't know why it rests down here, just way better than Second & Sebring.
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30Repeating Apologies
This song should definitely be higher this song really is about how people are hypocrites and sinners in relationships. Making mistakes should be forgiven and the partners can kiss and make up but when that other person makes mistakes and isn't sorry... Repeating Apologies
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31Glass Hearts
This is my favorite song from them. It doesn't matter whatever mood I'm in, I always go to this song. It expresses exactly how I feel every day and even if you're not into the lyrics, the instrumentals will blow you away.
Really powerful song! Aaron's part is amazing, and executed well. I'm surprised it's ranked up so high!
One of me faves

32Farewell to Shady Glade Listen to sample

33Identity Disorder
"i can't tell which part of me is in the right with two different people inside of me fighting for my life! "

34Blame It Listen to sample

35Break Free Listen to sample

36They Don't Call It the South for Nothing Listen to sample

37Space Enough to Grow

38The Calm Listen to sample

39You Make Me Sick Listen to sample

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