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21Love Will Never Lie

Gives you hope if you truly believe in your love.

We will keep the faith between us
If we only try
We will keep the truth inside us
Love will never lie

" I don't listen to MLTR songs without this one.. My second favorite next to tTell It To Your Heart"

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22It's Gonna Make Sense

I love song of Michael learns songs very much

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23Lonely Satellite

This song hypnotized me. Truly amazing

24Something You Should Know

One of my personal favourites by MLTR... Don't understand why it has not been included in the top ten... The lyrics of this song might not be as good as Paint My Love, but it definitely strikes a chord in your heart and lightens up your mood. Can listen to this song any number of times without tiring of it...

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25Stuck In the Heat
26If You Leave My World

Mm... Gloomy... Full of sadness... I'v been there in that position, but now I got my happiness with the same person..

27Romantic Balcony

A totally sad romantic song of a soldier to his beloved while he's away fighting for a cause somewhere in a war-stricken country. The intro, the melody, the tune, the instrumental background + the heart-crushing realistic lyrics + Jascha Richter's voice = this deserves to be in top 10. It's really wonderful. You'll never regret listening to it. You're gonna come back listening to it over and over.

Really one of My favorite song. This song really brings tears in eyes. Must listen to it once. I am Sure you all also love it. - rastogiakshay

28Strange Foreign BeautyV1 Comment
29I Walk This Road Alone

The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen
Turns to gold in the morning sun
We are gently flying in from Asia
‘Cause we belong in Scandinavia

Where's the nearest flight to Scandinavia? I hope MLTR is on it!

31Shanghaid in Tokyo

After listening to this song, you'll wish that you would want to be traveling around the world with MLTR. Such a beautiful song that describes every place in the world so perfectly.

32More Than a Friend

Awesome... Perfect for Teenagers

Magical lyrics. Dreamy tune..

33Eternal Flame
34Heaven Is My Alibi

This should have been number 1, it is best song that I've ever heard from MLTR, better than 25 minutes, just try this song this the new song from 2012

35Breaking the Rules
36Silent Times

Calm song like navy blue..

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37Fairy Tale

Lovely song. So simple yet so touching. Love it!

38Something Right

This is also the best

39Tell It to Your Heart

"Why not to listen in this song?... I love it..."

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40Shadowside of Me
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