Best Mike Posner Songs


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Cooler Than Me
cooler than anyone
best music
sung it daily
listen it daily
keep it up mike
this song is very addictive trust me it is the best mike posner song by far it was played on new years eve and was a success.
This is AWESOME! I love this song very much! I wondered why this was 1st and now I now because it's so good! I mean who can't like this seriously! Cooler than me is the best song I ever listened to that was by him!
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2Please Don't Go
I love this song a lot!
I like how soft it is and how great it flows along, this song really makes me smile, can't really describe how amazing this song is. I listen to it continuously and I never get sick of it... EVER1 So yeah, great song.
Yep me 2 buddy I think I am the only one who was thinking that kind of thing well this song is great...
This son is my favorite, is so amazing, this is the first song that I heard of him, I love it.
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3Bow Chicka Wow Wow
This song is absolutely amazing... so cute and the flow is great thanks to lil Wayne. mike posner definitely shows us what he can do


This one is so cool... Always give me a good feeling evrytim I listen to it.. Nicely done by both of them... Deserves the 1st spot by the way...
Amzing song.. Music his voice lyrics evrything.. Love to listen it never get bore
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Love this one please vote this song up should be number 3 bow chicka wow wow is not good


This song is just too amazing out of my mind
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5Looks Like Sex
Best song hands down, it's addicting, has a good hook and a good beat. A nearly perfect song and a great song to listen to whenever. I find myself listening to it all the time and having it stuck in my head all day.
Amazing! Beats:10 Lyrics:10 Voice:10.. Oh whatever just listen to it!
It's awesome. Didn't expect the song to be awesome with such a subtitle, but he rocked it! #$$£
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I love this song. so good. five stars from me. ^ my favourite mike posner songs are this one and please don't go. cooler than me is good as well. ;]
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7Gone In September
Superb song. I just love the rhythm, and the way it's sung by Mike.. just awesome
Amazing Song.
In my opinion this deserves the 2nd spot.
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8Save Your Goodbye
Love this song. simple catchy lyrics. nice beat. can listen to it everyday without it getting old.
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9Synthesizer Listen to sample

10Do U Wanna? Listen to sample

The Contenders

11Delta 1406
Love this song. really touches on his rise to fame.
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12The Way It Used to Be
Cool song surely should be in top tens
If you don't vote for this song.. You're probably crazy
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13With Ur Love
Cher Lloyd ft. Mike Posner
Two good singers with a good song

14L.A. Story
Love this song, everything I like is his voice it go's smoothly
This should be in this list damn you people vote
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15Switch Lanes Listen to sample

16Started From the Bottom
Wow just wow this song always gets me in a great mood

17We Own It (Mike Posner Remix)
I like it very much...just like Started From the Bottom

18Henny and Purple
Such a cool song! Love the beats, this deserves to be in the top tens at least.
Love love love it!
My top 3 would be:
1#Cooler Than Me
2#Henny And Purple
3#Looks Like Sex.
Keep up the good work Mike!

19Deja Vu Listen to sample

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