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The Top Ten

Remember the Name
It's just awesome! 100% Rap real! Love it like hell. The beat is the best and I love the music too. It should be on the top cause it's better then the song "Where'd You Go. " Just too awesome! Hell Yeah Mike Shinoda!
SO REMEMBER MIKE SHINODA if you havnt heard it yet LISTEN TO IT NOW...
[Newest]I just can say I'm in love with this song. Mike is the best rapper ever

2In the End
This is song is one of the best songs in the universe your my hero mike your the one that inspired me to become a rapper thanks man you are an awesome dude
Evergreen & cool song indeed. The best rapping part along with the chester's vocal made it sounds more awesome. The song through which Mike has been known to the whole world. I think this song should be placed just after the 'remember the name' & 'where had you go'. Mike rocks forever... God Bless Him Always.
One of best songs ever. This song should definitely be placed way higher than 13. Come on guys, VOTE FOR THIS! This song might be my favorite mike shinoda song next to remember the name.


[Newest]I just love mike shinoda and Linkin Park

3Where'd You Go
Very nice beat. It makes me workout harder
Awesome song awesome band
[Newest]Very good awesome music can hear on for days

4Bleed It Out
mikes the rapper in this one but its a real happy party kind a song to listen to anyway
Bleed it out take take it just throw it away just throw it away!
Cool song man! I love your song... When I listen your songs I go inside of it
The 1st bit of rapping is epic for the 100 time

5Lost In the Echo
I think this is the only song that the first time I heard it I liked so much, I love it, I love mike and linkin park! :3
The best song I heard from Mike shinoda... It should be ranked in the top 10 list...
Mike is back in this one and he is better than ever!
[Newest]Rhythm in the rap shinoda has is unbeatable..

This song is from their new album "A Thousand Suns". Though many people don not like this album, this song, sung by Mike Shinoda, is really touching and inspirational


Soft, sweet, simple and of course AWESOME... After all dude- this is mike Shinoda! He IS a Legend.
I love this song. It reminds me of my love for the best girl in the world that'll just never love me back. It fills my chest with light and hope and I let her go every time I listen to this song. Truly best LP song ever.
[Newest]Linkin Park FOREVER... Best Alternative Band
Mike Shinoda FOREVER... Best Rapper
Chester Bennington FOREVER... Best Metal & Rock Vocalist

7Hands Held High
great song, touches on lots of things happenin out in the world today and is great to hear shinoda do a nice solo song
This song is amazing. Mike Shinoda is just so, so talented. I love him so much. He does completely amazing in this song. His voice. His tone. The melody. I cried the first time I heard this song! It's just so amazing!
also a sad but touching song
[Newest]In my opinion, this song is a top five song by the band, and this was almost nothing but Mike through the whole song until the end.


8A Place for My Head
It deserves to be in top 10. I watch how the moon sits in the sky in the dark night this is the best vote for it


This song is so underrated, just like Mike...

Kenji is his middle name... LITLARY anyway its an up building war song.

10Believe Me
This song is one of the best song I have ever heard mike shinoda is my hero he the one that inspires me to keep writing my songs I'm a rapper because of him
this has the most coolest intro and then the rapping is even better
Believe Me Is Better That Hands Held High (Sure it is).
This And Kenji Should Be Right Up There in Top 10


The Contenders

Laugh out loud it is very funny to see faint on 12th
Lightning fast rap and he is the best rapper ever
Faint, papercut, somewhere I belong are really so underrated


This song has a very relatable and aggressive rap, hard to think it'd be down here.

This song is more underrated than bacon is overrated
I guess this would be the fastest of mike shinoda in LP! HAHA!
Papercut is 10? Hahah

Waaay way better than In Between, Hands Held High, Where'd You Go

And it's his best after In The End, Remember The Name.

P. S Somewhere I Belong should be higher.

13Burn It Down
The rap in this song is DIVINE.
Just an epic beat, and some really cool lyrics.
LP at it's best.
YA its a good song... Very nice...

14When They Come for Me
No. 21?!?!?!? You kidding me! Just listen to this song! The flow is awesome! The voice and pitch is hella dope! The lyrics are first class and it is the answer to the fans hating lp's new sound! It's the best mike song! Just listen this song! I give hundred percent guarentee that you will hella like this song! Come on guys vote! This should be at least in the top 5!

15Somewhere I Belong
Even if shinoda has little part in this song I don't think this should ever be below top 10 hope this goes up real fast
Somewhere I Belong is 14?

16Castle of Glass
Mike's part is AWESOME. Better than Chester's. Mike is at his best on this song. He is an inspiration to all people who love singing. In this song we get something that's not often, Shinoda without a rap. He is simply the BEST at this song.
This song is best song forever
Because were only crackz
In this castle of glass

17Waiting for the End
Great rhythm and lyrics

18100 Degrees
Mike's rap in this song shows demonstrates his ability and the quality of his raps. What adds to this being a great song is the great piano riff and beat which is composed by Shinoda himself.



21Lying From You

22In Stereo
Killer Beats. I could hear it the while day without getting bored.


Though it's thematically just a banger about putting a CD in your stereo, this is one of Shinoda's best cuts of the FM record. Good rhyming, nice flow and of course... That BEAT!

23In Between
love this one good to listen to
Ah so calming (: he has a nice soft voice

24Wretches and Kings

25Red to Black

26High Road

27Lies Greed Misery

28Nobody's Listening
this song reminds me of survivor the tv show IF U'VE EVER SEEN IT but cool song anyway

29High Voltage
Come on guys. Every hip-hop head knows this is one of Shinoda's best. Great multis, lyrics and flow.

30I Have Not Begun
In my opinion this is Mike's fastest rap and shows the haters that he can rap fast and still at high quality his skills are unmatched by most
So fast it's unreal!


32Second to None
It is a single for the movie Transformers in 2007, Styles Of Beyond ft Mike Shinoda. It has great lyrics and has typical Mike Shinodas style and rhythm. Another classic from him and definitely he is SECOND TO NONE!

33Step Up
Lyrically, one of Shinoda's dopest raps. calling out the fake rap rock bands who only used rapping as a gimmick unlike LP who were definitely inspired by hip-hop classics like Public Enemy, Rakim and Kool G Rap. Shinoda is definitely the best nu metal emcee to grace the mic.

34No Roads Left
One of the best songs of linkin park

35The Catalyst
How is this song NOT on top?! This is the best song they have done!

Just hear it and you'll know how fast a person can rap really awesome


37Right Now
One of my favorite fort minor tracks. It is very touching and makes you wonder about what others are doing at the moment.
Styles and mike do an amazing job. Great lyrics and beat.

38The Untitled
In the end demo is so awesome.

39Roads Untravelled
One of the best songs of Linkin Park so of the MIKE

40It's Goin' Down
Lyrically Shinoda was at his best from 1997-2002 when it came to rapping. Complex multi-syllabic rhymes and a smooth flow. This is Shinoda at the top of his game.
Why isn't this on the list, its far better then all the above. It mikes greatest rap

41One Step Closer

42There They Go

43The Hard Way
The song is meaningful in every sense. One can relate to it

44Keys to the Kingdom

45All for Nothing
The best mike rap on The Hunting Party!
I agree, this is Shinoda's best rap off the new album. That second verse is pure FIREEE!


47Skin to Bone

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