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21Waiting for the End

Great rhythm and lyrics

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22When They Come for Me

No. 21?!?!?!? You kidding me! Just listen to this song! The flow is awesome! The voice and pitch is hella dope! The lyrics are first class and it is the answer to the fans hating lp's new sound! It's the best mike song! Just listen this song! I give hundred percent guarentee that you will hella like this song! Come on guys vote! This should be at least in the top 5!

This song has one of the best raps of Mike Shinoda. Why is it in #21? Maybe because people hated ATS and didn't even bother to listen to this song which sounds like a mix between Meteora and MTM. Not to mention, this song is for all those haters who hates "new" LP.

24One Step Closer
25High Road

Okay everyone who voted for the songs above this one are liars - This is the best.

26In Stereo

Killer Beats. I could hear it the while day without getting bored. - Paree

Though it's thematically just a banger about putting a CD in your stereo, this is one of Shinoda's best cuts of the FM record. Good rhyming, nice flow and of course... That BEAT!

27Wretches and Kings
28Nobody's Listening

this song reminds me of survivor the tv show IF U'VE EVER SEEN IT but cool song anyway

29High Voltage

The lyrics and flow plus the straight up vocabulary is amazing. One of the best mike made rymes

Come on guys. Every hip-hop head knows this is one of Shinoda's best. Great multis, lyrics and flow.

30I Have Not Begun

In my opinion this is Mike's fastest rap and shows the haters that he can rap fast and still at high quality his skills are unmatched by most

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31Second to None

It is a single for the movie Transformers in 2007, Styles Of Beyond ft Mike Shinoda. It has great lyrics and has typical Mike Shinodas style and rhythm. Another classic from him and definitely he is SECOND TO NONE!

It is just awesome... For those who haven't listened... Just try... Just try

32Lies Greed Misery
33Step Up

Step up, exactly what mike was looking for I would say. The song that got me to start listening to Linkin Park and then following, fort minor. All I have to say is DOPELY SICK

Lyrically, one of Shinoda's dopest raps. calling out the fake rap rock bands who only used rapping as a gimmick unlike LP who were definitely inspired by hip-hop classics like Public Enemy, Rakim and Kool G Rap. Shinoda is definitely the best nu metal emcee to grace the mic.

34It's Goin' Down

Lyrically Shinoda was at his best from 1997-2002 when it came to rapping. Complex multi-syllabic rhymes and a smooth flow. This is Shinoda at the top of his game.

Why isn't this on the list, its far better then all the above. It mikes greatest rap

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35No Roads Left

One of the best songs of linkin park

36The Catalyst

How is this song NOT on top?! This is the best song they have done!


Just hear it and you'll know how fast a person can rap really awesome - Paree

38Right Now

One of my favorite fort minor tracks. It is very touching and makes you wonder about what others are doing at the moment.

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39The Untitled

In the end demo is so awesome.

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