Best Miley Cyrus Songs


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Wrecking Ball
Such a good song, yet the video spoils it all; a little too provocative?
I loved this song. It makes me see Miley in a different way. Absolutely lovely. No song has ever made me feel different about a person. This is one of the greatest songs I have ever heard
This song is best song from miley.It deserve to be number 1.Miley is a great singer.And this song prove it again.I love this song.
Nice song horrible video
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2Party in the U.S.A.
I used to hate all English songs and when I heard miley's songs I became the fan of her now, when ever I scroll on T.V. and I see any movie of Hannah I always want to see it and this song and the climb I love the most
One of her best and most catchy songs
My fave of all Miley songs.
My favorite singer (female
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3We Can't Stop
Wow Great! Cool song. My favorite song by Miley. I just love it
Awesome song. It's damn excellent love miley after this song
This song is awesome, for teenagers this song is perfect...
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4The Climb
I'm not really a big fan of Miley Cyrus... But I LOVE this song... Its beautiful, and very inspiring... Mileys vocals are perfect... And the video is awesome as well... THE BEST Miley Cyrus SONG EVER.
This song is beautiful. I remember I sang it for my school talent show when I was is grade 3! It's great because it talks about life's struggles and how there's always going to be "the climb", which is comforting during times of need, whereas most songs now are about love... And other stuff...
Not a big fan of her... But this song is amazing... True story of life's struggles is conveyed in it beautifully. Love it... Its her best song... And moreover comes in her movie too...
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5When I Look at You
You can hear them, the lyrics, miley's unforgettable voice, the "beautiful melody" shouting for all their worth. Fragile but strong. A letter, a message loud enough to drown out the wind. The words that will stay with you forever.
Has definitely got to be the greatest song she has sang. Watch her perform it live on american idol.. BRILLIANT!
This Song Is Beautiful. I Believe Is Her Song On The Number 1
Great song for a great movie.
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67 Things
Easily her best song but why is there now two lists of her top tens? What was wrong with the last one? And where's Rockstar?
It's really catchy and fun to listen to.
I LOVE it! Hah laugh out loud
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7Butterfly Fly Away
Really beautiful song. Makes me damn happy whenever I listen it. Its really touching I must say.


Makes me cry its awesome
Beautiful song! Definitely one of my favorites by her
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8Can't Be Tamed
This is awesome...I love miley and this song.The video is also great.Miley have great voice.I wanna thanks to miley for giving us amazing song.I still listen this song every day.AND thanks again for amazing album...
Love you so so much.
Tottaly rocks.Great video, nice song and the dance move is just wow.I can't understand why its fall down in 9.Its should be in top 5 beside we can't stop..I think its better than we can't stop for this song smilers...
One of her best song! Love the music video and the dubstep to the song and the beat! Must be on top 5
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9Fly On the Wall
Paparazzi, Love, Action! This song has it all!
Hello I'm jennifart perez ad I believe that this is Miley Cyrus' best song ever. it should be number 1. a good catchy beat so everybody vote it up please!
I am in love with this song! I can't stop listening to it. Why the heck is this 10? It should be at least among the first five.
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10Adore You
Really the best song
How is this #10. This is #1 for sure
Too bad she sounds a little bit like an alien.
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The Contenders

11Who Owns My Heart
Really awesome song ever
<3 miley
Every time I listen to this song I get chills, It makes me want to go out and party all night with my girl.
Simply, #Best Song Ever
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The lyrics are just beautiful and they give me chills every time

"And I'll love you more, than I did before
And if today I don't see your face,
Nothing's changed; no one can take your place
It gets harder everyday
Say you'll love me more than you did before
And I'm sorry that it's this way
I'm coming home, 'll be coming home
And if you ask me I will stay
I will stay... "
I wonder how it is not on top tens... I mean listen to it. It really gives goosebumps. I'm not a Miley Cyrus fan but still this song it her best song and after this is Party In The USA
Wow perfect song, must be in top tens
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13Start All Over
Very cool & Crazy & Unique song... You'll like it whenever you hear it till the end...
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14See You Again
How can anyone in their right mind go for this horrible stuff? Stupid and vulgar... All of it everything she says and does. We need to pray for her
How is this not number 1?!?! I was addicted to this song for a few months!
It never get overplayed and old
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15Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
I love this's my favorite...I love it...
I love miley cyrus and her songs
Its a fun song
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16Hoedown Throwdown
Its her best this is my 1. Hoedown Throwdown 2. Party in the usa 3. Wrecking ball 4. Best of both worlds 5. We can't stop
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17Don't Walk Away Listen to sample

Its a really sweet song
Should be in the 3 rd place
Listen to sample

19Liberty Walk
Listen to sample

20I'll Always Remember You
This song is one of the best song pleas lisen
Listen to sample

21Breakout Listen to sample

22Nobody's Perfect
That's a very cool song
I am Nobody. Nobody is perfect. Therefore, I am Perfect.
Oh, god, the good old days.
Listen to sample

23Permanent December
This is totes Miley's best song, if you haven't heard it you should.
Listen to sample

24I Hope You Find It
Amazing song, one of the best, along with the climb
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25Best of Both Worlds
Best of all songs...
Should be #1
I miss opd Disney
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26Fall Down
Beautiful song should be in top 10 songs!
Best Miley song ever with will.I. am


Love it
Must listen you won't be disappointed
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27The Driveway Listen to sample

28Take Me Along
Definitely her best song!
Listen to sample

Such a catchy song! Her voice is great on it as well.
Listen to sample

I<3 this song princess of pop in it
Listen to sample

31Two More Lonely People
I was surprise it wasn't on the list its a good song
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32Bottom of the Ocean
Such a beautiful song! I can't believe it's not in the top 10!
Heartbreakingly beautiful and touching song.
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33My Heart Beats for Love
I am not a big fan but this song is true love song that I have ever heard.Listen to this song.You will love it.And 2nd wrecking ball.GOOD JOB MILEY.
This song is amazing. Amazing lyrics, melody, and Miley just sounds amazing here. I think that only reason it's not in the top ten is because not everyone's heard it! Would seriously recommend though, definitely. AMAZINGGG
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34The Bone Dance
That's not a damn song

How do you not love this song?
This song should be waay up.
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36Wherever I Go Listen to sample

37Right Here
Dis song is so sweet and heart touching
Listen to sample

38Let's Get Crazy Listen to sample


40You'll Always Find Your Way Back Home

41True Friend Listen to sample

42Maybe You're Right
So beautiful, emotional and soulful! Incredible production and vocals and one of my favourite ballads ever!
Listen to sample

43These Four Walls Listen to sample

44Ordinary Girl
! This in on number 41! I love this song so much and it is the song that is actually one of my earliest heard songs. this is the song that got me crazy for Miley in the first place. arn't you in love with this beautiful ordinary girl?
Miley not a damn kid no more stfu leave her alone
Love hate her new nastey ways
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45I Miss You
I just loved this song... So beautiful! Cool lyrics, melodious music and great voice... ! Just listen to it...
It's a great song I know what she felt like when she sung this song
This song is apt for someone missing someone dear... :(
Listen to sample

Her voice is so beautiful in this. You should hear this song if you're a fan of Miley.
Such a beautiful, touchy song...
Why the heckering heck this song isn't one of the top 10
Listen to sample

The best bro the best bro! No lie.
Shes so cool in the video!
Better than wrecking ball. This her best song after Hannah Montana.
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48As I Am Listen to sample

49Rockstar Listen to sample

I find Miley's version of Jolene better than the original.
She has such a powerful voice. I can't stop myself from listening to this song. This should've been at least in the top 10.
Much better than dolly porton's version

51Hands In the Air Listen to sample

Borgore ft. Miley, nice song and video.

53East Northumberland High Listen to sample

54Who Said
It is a good song


Listen to sample

55Let's Dance

56He Could Be the One

57Life's What You Make It
Why the heck isn't this amazing song in top ten? This is like the best song.
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58The Times for Our Lives
Nice song.I love it.I am a huge fan of miley.I love her all the songs & this is truely amazing.
Love you miley ^_^
Listen to sample

59On My Own
This is amazingg, it makes you feel independent!
Kanika, from India
Listen to sample

60If We Were a Movie
Love this song it is best
Listen to sample

61Summertime Sadness
Fab song! The way she has sung is amazing. Catchy lyrics and tone. This song surely deserve a place in top ten,

62#GETITRIGHT Listen to sample

63Talk Is Cheap Listen to sample

64This Boy, That Girl
How come no one ever listened to this song? Its one of miley's best! Listen to it and I can assure you that you are gonna love it! "are you the boy the boy the boy the honest truth the real mcoy" "somebody juz said hannah do you already have a man because I'm smooth like ol santana so here we go boy juz crank it up"... BEST EVER...
Miley has great voice

65Robot Listen to sample

66Make Some Noise
Can't believe it's not even in the top ten, whereas Iexpected it to be in the top 10.
Listen to sample

67You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go Listen to sample

68Feelin' Myself
How is this song not number one!?!
Listen to sample

69Do My Thang
Yall need to understand that the only reason. Its unpopular is because she hasnt made a video!
Listen to sample

70My Darlin' Listen to sample

71Someone Else
What?! This is such a beautiful touchy song and it's not even in top 20?

72Scars Listen to sample

73Kicking and Screaming Listen to sample

74Que Sera

75Kiss It Goodbye

76Rooting for My Baby
Catchy song!... Love it
Listen to sample

77One In a Million
It's my all tym favrt.. !
Wonder why was missing from d list?
Jake Ryan and Miley...
Listen to sample

78Barefoot Cinderella
The song has avery good beat. It always makes me to want to sing along
It should be much higher than this

79Ashtrays and Heartbreaks
Not in the list?
Listen to sample

80Overboard Listen to sample

81Obsessed Listen to sample

82Before the Storm
Are you kiddig me! This is so down the list Miley and nicks combo is simply awesommeee. Come on guys listen to it you wouldn't regret
Listen to sample

83Forgiveness and Love Listen to sample

84Full Circle
It's just so good! I feel like she's changing too much lately though. Her breakout album is so far her best, it really does showcase her talent
Its very cool emotional and all
What 83? This one is the sweetest song by Miley! It can't be!
Listen to sample

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