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201 mstuart

His theme is blue (diamonds) and hates pigs just like sky with budder and squids

202 Toza Top

I like him so so

203 DiamondKeeper5674

Yo please join team diamond rocks

204 Jusvader

Awesome and a great friend

205 TheGhostAreRealL
206 piggz

Laugh out loud like the name

207 Butter902
208 Burning Diamond

Yes I will be on YouTube in 2 years but you can't wait till I unleash the survival parkour and series... The life of diamond

209 kayleigh8976

She has a YouTube account and is my best friend! ( this is coming from wolfcat2 )

210 Kurtmac

Has travelled very far. Also is the friendliest Minecraft player out of the other 16 million. He is from the Mindcrack server.

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211 GBsmart

He, is amazing at sky wars I mean
He is funny too

But he should make more videos

212 Nice Guy
213 True Triz
214 Catz95345
215 Jeb

What, WHAT. he owns the game and is the lead delveloper, WHAT THE HECK

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216 MinecraftBuilder92
217 Ultimate Pickaxe

So then enchanted diamond pickaxe 1,000,000 times

218 Iron_vitality

A very good Minecraft player

219 MCStevie
220 Tzbros
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