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221 SofiaZombie
222 HeroBryan
223 NmanMC
224 angrybird214
225 MooMooHead

I put on my self for many many reasons 1 I play lots of hunger games 2 I love to play wynn craft 3 I love to blow up stuff like mountains and hills and just about every thing 4 I love to play pvp and in pvp I get diamonds every day 5 I know tons about redstone 6 I know how to make a trapped ender dragon 7 I make very scary stuff like super scary rides and super scary statues 8 I know how to clone myself and clone dimonds and quite about every thing 9 I know almost every thing about Minecraft but how to make customized mobs

226 theminercow101

He is the awsomest miner and crafter in the history of Minecraft

227 Scarylemon
228 Chemistrygeek
230 Happycyclops101
231 Oprendo268
232 harry666h
233 ACtennis V 1 Comment
234 diamondlordnc2 V 1 Comment
235 CraftPlayerI2
236 Legokid311

I am the ender king

237 StumpyLumpy
238 LennyWhip
239 Pewdie

Duckie quack he is a tutu runner!

V 1 Comment
240 Swimmingbird V 2 Comments
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