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321 Karate boy
322 shade5

He is the best of all shades shade1 is best in pvp shade 2 is best in creating deep hidden teritorries shade3 is best at raiding while shade5 is best in traps, pvp, building (thaey also call him "the builder") and he makes hidden passage way in some territories. And oh I forgot shade8 is their best troller I never met the other shades.. But I know shade5 is the best of them

323 Gameingwithcreeper
324 Ballisticpotter

This guy is the best YouTube ever

325 NitrolukeDX
326 Ozzy100Percent

Good guy he's cool

327 FGteev

I love their mc videos and I love TheSkylanderBoy AndGirl because I've gotten into skylanders lately - MinecraftGirl48

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328 Dmeza the Creep
329 The Innovation-Craft

Awesome. Really, Awesome PERIOD.

330 ACuteBunny
331 MooMooMage

He makes very good Minecraft videos with astonishing gamer.

332 Evantube

Great videos and structures

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333 seedlessmellon
334 Flamingfalcon25

He is a great archer

335 7amad713
336 ShenMaster

He doesn't record very often but he is very awesome guy!

He is huge redstoner that mostly works with magic.

He swears sometimes so he doesn't gets a lot of points but everyone likes him.

His special thing is the gift of Croatian.

One of the best Croatian Minecraft YouTubers.

He doesn't record often but he is really awesome dude!

He is very good redstoner that mostly works deeply in magic.

His special thing is the gift of Croatian.

One of the best YouTubers of Croatia.

He doesn't record often but he is really cool guy!

I am girl so I am in love because he is actualy really sexy!

His beautifulest thing is the gift of Croatian. He lives in the Croatia.

He is my favourite YouTuber and he is on the list of TOP 10 best YouTubers of Croatia.

337 KingOfTheDerp

He is pretty good at PVP and is very funny. Also responses to fans

338 Bettercraft2013 V 1 Comment
339 Poepjijan3
340 Denverado
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