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Never watched a video, but I've heard good thinks of him.


He doesn't do much Minecraft, but he's funny as hell.

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The special thing about him is that he is the hole finder and faller In the world

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44SkytheKidRSV5 Comments

Hilarious, Lovin this guy

48Choo Choos Gaming

I love choo choo he's funny and I can relate to the Irish stuff because I'm half Irish - MinecraftGirl48

I don't really like his content, but he's a good builder.

He has a long head and green heard

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Love your work I can never get better than that

Actualy good at the game, as well as funny. Minecraft done technical, as well as its best.

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He is the best poptropica player club penguin player and Minecraft player in the world HE IS THE BEST

He Deserves To Be In At Least 2nd or 3rd place. He is So Amazing,And Fun. Your Friend,Evan31607.

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;7. & you for not putting him in Top Ten! You do not deserve to stay frosty - Gollum

He is my 2nd favorite gamer in WHOLE Minecraft GAME

My friend is a beta tester do you know him his name is Peyton his channel is MegaBroDude Playz Gamez

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These guys have put Minecraft to a higher level.

Yogscast's William Strife is awesome, but man, play Block Hunt, because selection is low.

These guys are the best, they're real funny!

These guys are awesome

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54Honeydew (YogsCast)

Honeydew (Simon Lane) is a funny man with a determination to do anything ( even the ice bucket challenge) for a pack of Jaffa cakes. He may swear quite a bit along with the rest of yogscast but when he does you don't do anything but laugh. I think the yogscast deserve to be No. 1

He is my favourite Minecrafter and Xephos the person he plays with

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55Garlian X

He's funny and I like his epic fails! He deserves top ten! He usually does videos with the pack or at least one of the

He's does nasty (awesome) parkour.

He Is AWESOME And Deserves To Be In The Top Ten.

He defiantly deserves the top 10

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" page and molly love you go rescue a dog"

- that is what stacy says at the end of her amazing videos

She is a great role model and she is a very good YouTuber for kids of all ages to watch. My 7 year old sister enjoys her as well as my friend who is 15. Stacy never swears and she is funny not to mention she LOVES animals and is an anti animal cruelty person!

Amazing model for any young gamer

You are so good at...

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He is really good at Minecraft, and his laugh is so weird. Also he always slams his hand on the table when he laughs, so that's really funny.

Great Guy! Actually Cares about his job

Graser is my favorite! Can't go a day without watching him.

Best you tuber ever love his videos

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