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French but a really complete player. Pretty much the best youtuber I saw.

The king of redstone! Complete player with his awesome patricks.

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I love him abd he is a great with redstone!

He is the man when it comes to redstone!

Love mumbo he's really funny and amazing at redstone he only swears at a minimum and if he does its minor a very good YouTuber!

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The most hilarious and awesomest players go suscribe at xeraingaming on youtube!


Best girl in minecraft! The princess of diamond budder and emerald. She is nice to everybody and just like Notch. She knows everything about and in minecraft. I know everybody hasn't herd of her but that's why I am putting her on here. She is so sweat.

Best girl in Minecraft! Just like Notch. Knows everything, smart, beautiful, and really funny. Really nice too. PLEASE VOTE AND RATE!

The most popular and awsomest girl player ever. Never does anything bad and is nice to
Players. Bcookie4 is the princess of diamond budder and emerald

126SebertkillerZV1 Comment

What he is supposed to be top 10 definitely!

I known right he is number 1 he does not cus he's very nice and have tutorials that helped me in Minecraft and help my noobie sister.

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128LachlancraftbattledutyV1 Comment

Ellis is my favourite because I'm Ellis

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Awesome guys don't cuss. Play the best minecraft maps nf mini maps ever definenetly try it out!


Grape is my fave YouTuber got all my pvp skills and tips from him go grape!

He wins about 90% of his hunger games he's obviously the best

He is in my top 10, he is number 1 for me.

Life is over,...grape isn't 1st?!

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134SteveV5 Comments

He is awesome and when I invited him to my realm he joined and helped me build a castle but sadly my realm got expired

That guy below is SUCH a liar. #wannabe - SomeRandomStickboy

I don't think squid wants me saying this but squids sheep's name in one of his sheeps name is Jeb-

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I love Parker_Games, the way he acts and just over all loves his viewers on YouTube, and I think everyone really does have a special bond with him. He should be in the top 20, not top 220. Love you Parker

Parker is patient, Parker is kind. Parker does not envy, Parker does not boast, Parker is not proud.

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Yeah, same here, wish I could find something about him

He really is pretty good at SG, sadly can't find any videos of him playing

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138DinnerboneV1 Comment

Love all his role plays and videos they are the best!

This guy does so many videos and series I watch them all the time Taurtis is good to I wish I was in one though.

I your role plays and I wish I could join your role plays. This is my name on Minecraft: Cadylee2004 my full name is: Cadence Lee Burr my Minecraft character skin is: a bunny hat with brown hair and no covering on the sholder

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One of the best Minecraft builders ever.

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