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1Shook Ones, Pt. II

One of the best songs of the previous hip hop generation, such a shame beats aren't made like this any more! Such a great Instrumental to go with it; remember hearing the song on 8 Mile and the instrumental on the final Battle Rap Back in the Day.

One of the best rap songs ever! Man that's just enormous! Thanks to Havoc & Prodigy

Lol was it ever even a question. They were hardly more than teenagers but they dropped some grown-man fire

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2Survival of the Fittest

Are You Kidding me?!?!?! This is number one, it has everything in one song "My goal is to stay alive... SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST"

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3Quiet Storm

One of the most well known dark hip hop beats of all time. Prodigy killed all 3 verses of the original. A true classic song which has stood the test of time.

4Hell On Earth (Front Lines)
6Get Away
7Drop a Gem On 'Em
8More Trife Life
9Eye for an Eye (Your Beef is Mines)
10Put 'Em In Their Place

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11Still Shinin'
12Up North Trip
13Shook Ones
14Trife Life
15Kill or Be Killed
17Cradle to the Grave
18The Learning (Burn)
19The Start of Your Ending (41st Side)
20Outta Control
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