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1 Clash of Clans

This #2 I the top ten worst mobile games and #1 in best mobile games? Costs too much for upgrades. Takes too long to upgrade. Horrible chat. Supercell nerfed everything. Forces you to spend real money just to get good at it. The worst mobile game I've ever played.

Don't forget Golems, Lava hounds and Goblins!

Nice I thought it would be first

It's a wonderful game graphics is extremely good we can chat with our clanmates

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2 Robbery Bob V 1 Comment
3 Minecraft - Pocket Edition Minecraft - Pocket Edition

This game is... Just amazing! This app has made over 15MILLION sales! You have your own world in which you must survive, by farming, building, fighting and mining. Hostile monsters will come and attack you at night if you haven't made a shelter, but if you don't like fighting you can just go into creative mode and build build build!

Worst edition of Minecraft. Minecraft sucks ever since Micro$oft bought it. The updates are terrible. It's always 1 on top charts. A minecraft fanboy put this on here.

This is the worst Minecraft edition. Minecraft sucks anyways, it is just too overplayed. - cwoodkiter

Please. This game is extremely overrated and is only played by people younger than 12. - UltraGamer

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4 Flappy Bird

This game sucks. It's cheaply made and a waste of time. - Mcgillacuddy

People rage so much and its funny. But over-all it's a very well designed game.

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5 Jetpack Joyride V 1 Comment
6 Extreme Road Trip 2

Extreme Road Trip 2 is a stunt game where your car brake is broken and you need to smash and flip through tons of awesome stages to keep your car from crashing. Tons of cars and challenges will keep you playing this game for hours. - Cheese567

7 Kingdom Rush: Frontiers

Of the three installments in the Kingdom Rush series I believe that Frontiers is the best. Crazy and powerful towers and hero's are what really stick out in frontiers versus the other two games and earn its spot in the top ten. - Cheese567

8 Clash Royale

It's a game of Creators of Clash Of Clans!

Love it it's better than clash of clans

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Way better than Clash of Clans. No wait times, fast paced, cool interactions with clanmates, tournaments, EVERYTHING. And they're adding cool features constantly. A MUST GET.

This is way better than clash royale

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9 Temple Run V 2 Comments
10 Angry Birds

Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy playing this sometimes, but it's a ripoff of Crush the Castle which only became popular because it's on mobile and it was made for kids. - Mcgillacuddy

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11 Respawnables

I had a hard time deciding between Respawnables and Blitz Brigade but ultimately Respawnables is better. A third person shooter where you combine different weapons and armor to create the ultimate soldier. Challenge people in real time in online battles or complete challenges whenever or wherever. - Cheese567

12 Candy Crush Saga

Crappy game made by crappy developer. - DCfnaf

Game sucks a lot, but Pokemon Go is way worse.

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13 Plants vs Zombies

Good game for zombies and plants

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14 Playman Summer Games 2
15 Block City Wars
16 Cut the Rope V 1 Comment
17 Army of Darkness

This game is based on the 1980's something movie about a guy named Ash who has to fight skeletons in a different dimension (I never actually saw the movie so my info is probably off). In the game you are Ash and have to defend against a certain amount of waves using different attacks and spells. You can also gain different troops and upgrade them throughout the game. - Cheese567

18 Dumb Ways to Die V 1 Comment
19 Doodle Jump V 1 Comment
20 Metal Gear Solid Mobile V 1 Comment
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1. Minecraft - Pocket Edition
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1. Temple Run
2. Angry Birds
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1. Robbery Bob
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3. Extreme Road Trip 2

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