Best Mobile Phone Brands In the Philippines

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Best in features with an affordable price! Plus loaded with Pinoy Contents! Love it!
Best brand of local mobile phones. Myphone represents the quality of work Filipinos are known for worldwide. I believe that this brand places importance on several Filipino values such as quality of work, value for money and pride for the country. This brand does not only produce selected quality products but makes sure that their whole line of products are in accordance with quality measures and sold at the most reasonable price for the quality, specifications and after sales support that Myphone offeres. There is absolutely no compromises for each product that Myphone releases. For all of these reasons, I give my vote to Myphone for the best mobile phone brand in the Philippines.
Definitely a good alternative for me. I was a bit skeptic at first but after getting their MyPhone A858 Duo and had subjected it to everyday use - it works fine with me. Never encountered any problems with it.

Also - had to mention their aftersales support service - their really accessible to the point you can actually bring them to a Sony Service Center near you (if you're not interested on going to a mall and bring it to MyPhone's Service Center) and you'd immediately notice that you don't need to go through a line of people just to get your phone fixed since there's no line to begin with - rarely you get to see people come in to get their units fixed or checked. I actually noticed this when I decided to buy a spare back/battery cover for my unit (just in case I break my unit).
[Newest]In terms of durability and performance I'll go for my phone.
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2Cherry Mobile
CM Flare. 4K ALL IN PHONE! 5MP rear cam? Check! VA front cam? Check! 1.2 Snapdragon S4 Dual Core Processor? Check! 512MB RAM? Check! Android 4.0.4? Check! A large and growing android community to back it up!? CHECK NA CHECK!
I bought one last november but was disappointed after 8 days of usage. The security pattern suddenly does not recognize the pattern I have installed. Was able to replace it with cm titan w500 after almost 1 and half months of waiting.
For just 3 999 php Cherry Mobile Flare has given the best phone yet. Competitive to all the smartphones that was release in the Philippines.

Why spent so much money if most of the feature needed is already here.

Flare Nation Rocks! ! ! !
[Newest]Cherry Mobile Rock and Roll to the World


Samsung makes creative smartphones but with a not so affordable price. But it's okay, they make good quality smart phones. :))
Samsung is the best among the rest.
They make very smart smartphones that amazes people. Thumbs up for samsung!
[Newest]User friendly unlike Apple and unlike my phone and cherry mobile, it is very fast, updated durable and has awesome camera. You guys should try the Note 3 and Note 4

Whats the latest on cellphones? And where to buy please?
The best brand yet
Why get a wannabe when you can have the real thing. iPhone: the best one, nothing even comes close.
[Newest]It is class and the camera is good

So durable. Even after a hundred drops it still works fine
For the flagship phone especially.
- Great camera, created for low light conditions? WIN!
- Good interface? WIN!
- SNAPDRAGON s4 Dual Core? WIN!
- Different colors to choose from? WIN!
- Wireless charging with cool wireless charging accessories? SUPER WIN!
- Phone running Windows Phone operating system, it is not something different but it is a growing uniqueness among the phones these days! SUPER WIN!
- Price is not an issue, it has always been worth the Nokia quality.

Come on. It has been NOKIA all these years!
Even for years, it's still works. Trusted by me, proven by me.
[Newest]Nokia is getting more durable but its price gets lower than what I expect. In the previous years its expensive but now, its getting more affordable even if its features are getting impressive.

My first cell was of lg that's why I'm voting for it.. But still lg need a lot to match with Nokia, Samsung and apple... But lg costly cell phone are very very good... I love its costly phones...
I got nexus5... It is really nice hi-end phone.. But not so expensive
Lg is the best... plan to buy nexus5 this month...
[Newest]Price is good. That's LG! Life is Good.

Lenovo P770 no market ever beats it battery life period. Crisp clear picture and a USB on the go! Price friendly too...
The price is good for the quality, the phone wont break even you drop it, forcefully smash it against someones head, etc.. the phone still works great. No regrets
The best high quality smartphone and afordable
[Newest]A526 simple but quality android phone

One-of-a-kind phones. Check the Sony Xperia phones, the device and the UI is just cool and formal-looking. Proud Sony Phone owner here. From Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo to Sony Xperia Acro S
In terms of android phone, my first choice is Sony, it is because the design of the product is good. It is not main stream not like samsung product. I love the camera. So if you want to buy android phone go with Sony. :) )
Premium Devices. Awesome, Original and stand-out design.
[Newest]Durability, innovation and creativity in one phone. Sony the best

9Star Mobile
Affordable yet elegant. Some might think its not the best but it is one of the best out there. Design and features meet the price. After sales service is considered one of the best considering it is just starting.
STARMOBILE! Crystal, astra, flirt all in one tlga! No need to root your phone,! Can save apps and games in external SD carD! Whoo!
Starmobile user here! I love the phone, the look. It's elegant. After sale support is great too! And the fact that they're giving freebies that's included in the package is very generous. Thanks SM!
[Newest]I'm a star mobile user and so far, this is the best brand that I had like ever. I love the features & everything in it.

Quality over Quantity. Best Phone for me, Got HTC Explorer planning to buy a higher model, best Experience.. I mean the Graphics, Speed, the SENSE UI, at first You will think that it's not running in Android by the way HTC customize the ROM of their phones.
Since that I've got my HTC Phone, I was amazed by it's features, it is really a phone or should I say a mobile computer. That's all.
[Newest]I loved HTC, because it is very durable and long-lasting.. I got one when I was grade 5 and it is still working

The Contenders

Because its Air Shuffle And Its Cool Than The iPhone's And iPod's So Call It BITCH
O+ can be use in any country. Great specs with cheap price than any another branded phone. Same specs. So, no need to buy expensive phone. I like all the features of this phone. Great body and quality.
It has a good quality and specs with cool price
[Newest]Have Better Specs and features Than Samsung! And Have Cheaper Price =D

Affordable W1 windows phone...
Y300 - best low cost smart phone. For just under 5k. 5mp rear and with front. Dual core and one of the best glass screen.
People said in their opinions that the huawei has a good performance and long battery life
[Newest]Because huawei is nice phone

A branded phone (a french phone) but with price lower to the other popular brands like nokia.
Alcatel is made from First world country, And first world country manufactured the finest one. It's not totally popular but it's proven for it;s low cost and durability.
Great specs in almost half the price of the price of the leading brand... Tested it twice already for my subscription loyalty.
[Newest]Best, scribe easy so far so good..

The motorola G is the best android smart budget phone ever! Check it! MOTO G reviewed by marcusbrownlee the tech expert.

I'm very very very thankful to the OPPO because this brand is very very very amazing phone and this brand is the one of a kind phone EVER...
Even the screen is being scratched, still there's no trace on it! Just amazing
Because oppo is nice phone

The Thrill gives us full satisfaction at an affordable price. The 430X is unmatched in battery life... Good buy
I love this brand like cloudfone ice 350e P1999 pesos only
It's good and affordable

Its the best, proudly filipino!
Affordable... And timely release of models
In terms of quality and affordability, Torque is the #1!

Kata is an amazing mobile. Regardless of its normal quality price, Kata is a good mobile to have it have good quality
Dropped the phone from second floor without a casing and its not even scratched! Amazing Durability!
Kata i3 is the best

19Arc Mobile
The Best PHONE EVER Nitro 450qd
Arc mobile MEMO is the best.. No lag ever..!
This is the best brand phone ever!
[Newest]Best android made :-)

I've been using it for almost 5 months.. And it works so great.
Reliable phone at the right price..

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