Best Moby Songs

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Extreme Ways
The bourne series made it even more famous...
Extreme ways are back again and always

2Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?
This is soundrack of my life. Thank you, Moby.

Always makes me feel good...
A sense of calm surround you -__-


4Natural Blues

5We Are All Made of Stars
I listen to this and think, Wow.
It's a great track, with great vocals, great music, and proves a great point to us all.
The sound is just pure Moby, and pure electronic awe. If you dislike this, you have had brain damage.
However, I almost voted "In This World" and "South Side", and would also have added "Raining Again" to the list. But this is the best. The very best. No question.

6Lift Me Up

7In This World


9South Side
I love this song!


10One Time We Lived

The Contenders

11Slipping Away
Great song-love the video

Top ten for sure... come on people!

13Raining Again


15In My Heart

16Pale Horses


18Blue Moon

19A Case for Shame
I could tell from the first time I heard this that it deserves to live for generations on end. It is one of the best tracks I've heard in my life; it is pure brilliance.

20Shot In the Back of the Head
Listen to this, trust me

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