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Modenine is not just the best rapper in Nigeria, but the best lyricist in the whole of Africa. His amazing punchlines and worldplay makes him see himself as the Black Rap Messiah!

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This track is arguably the best from him! It makes you cry! Cry won so many awards, the video too is damn bad laugh out loud

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This is a ghetto anthem, you gonna like this

3Nigerian Girls

Damn so funny, Nigerian Boys fall in love with this

4Rap Justice

Its hardcore, its new, its everything... The production is too sweet

5419 State of Mind

Listen to this and learn how to rob

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6It's About to Get Ugly

Its about to get ugly but the track is handsome laugh out loud

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7Lose You

This track makes me fall in love with hip hop all over again


Its a great jam. Loved it when I was a kid

The song is formidable laugh out loud


Hooking up with African Best Of Both Worlds, Music and Djs words.. 2face and Jimmy Jatt with Elajoe... It was a street anthem.. Lagos anthem to be precise


Atamase by 9ice featuring Mode9.5 is so new and on point.. You'll like this

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