Best Modern Instrumental Artists

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Scale the Summit
Their guitarist has a very modern, metal and tech-core influenced guitar technique and songwritting book out now, and the scale I'm struggling with is but a measure or two from a single song of their many. I like HEAVY progressive music, and my DAD likes Scale The Summit. My friend calls them Guitar-lesson-rock.
We are witnessing the evolution of music right before our eyes and ears. But for those with ears who cannot hear, it will seem like they came out of no where when they finally reach the summit of their talents.
The Great Plains and Age of The Tide are two of the best songs I've heard in my life. These guys make me proud to be a part of my generation. Thank you for inspiring all of us.
[Newest]Glacial Planet, City in the Sky & Giants are all amazing pieces of music. Very cool approach to music and original. Look forward to their new album

2David Guetta

3Yasuharu Takanashi


5Liquid Tension Experiment
Pretty much dream theater minus james. Paradigm Shift and Acid Rain are unbeatable. Best instrumentalists.
These guys, even if you care not for the songs they write, you must give it up to them for sheer ingenuity and ability. There's no comparison.

6A.R. Rahman
Excellent musician with natural talent.
No copy cats and really a wonderful music composer either its Indian or Western.
The reliability is perennial.

7Eric Johnson

8Marco Sfogli
He can every sound imaginable. his songs are so addicting...

9Louis Colaiannia
Louis Colaiannia is an amazing artist/ composer. Is a joy being able to listen to his music and always exciting to see what he comes up with next!
If you get the chance to see this guy perform live don't pass it up! Brilliant compositions and wonderful energy. If you haven't listened to his music you're simply missing out.
Music with passion and integrity... Louis is one of the most gifted, yet most humble musicians I have ever met. He is graced with strength and passion! His music is very inspiring to me!

10Steve Vai

The Contenders

11Hans Zimmer

12Gary Hoey
Gary improves every single song he covers. indescribably great.

13Paul Gilbert

14Joe Satriani

15Animals as Leaders

16John Williams

17Jimi Hendrix


19Danny Elfman
elfman has always brought something new and never copied himself. a true genius of what is defined as "music"

20Godspeed You! Black Emperor
The kings of the modern day post rock and instrumental rock scene.


Liquid Tension Experiment beat these guys? Really?

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