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1Avenged Sevenfold

avenged sevenfold its the best band of melodic heavy metal, synyster gates solos are always perfectly amazing, lyrics fits perfectly, I like shads voice and the band style its so cool, I only miss the rev, one of the greatest drum player of ever, so amazing live... R.I.P the rev

Avenged Sevenfold is without a doubt the best modern metal band. I mean imagine being in their position, losing your drummer who was not only one of the best drummers but also your best friend. And they still play just as good as ever. People don't always give Avenged Sevenfold the credit they deserve and I think it's about time they get it. R.I.P The Rev

What is wrong?
How did Bullet for my valentine get before a7x? Bullet For My Valentine is good, but they are no where near A7x.

Ten out of ten

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Unique, powerful and brutal metal band that always deliver and embrace there fans as brothers. Maggot 4 life!

Avenged Sevenfold is a good rock band, but they aren't metal. There's no comparison. Corey has an incredible singing voice, and the craziest death growl ever! Stay Sic all maggots! RIP Paul Gray

Avenged are good, but have become overrated since The Rev died. Joey Jordison is a much better drummer.

Best band around, songs have flow with amazing lyrics.

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3Bullet For My Valentine

Most people take metalcore or any metal genre as screaming noisy guitar crap genre but when the will listen to bullet for my valentine.
They will definitely know that they are the TRUE METAL BAND and they just don't make noise but mesmerize you in their musician play.
Truly the best.

All those who hate this band are total idiots and don't know what music is.

Bullet For My Valentine is from frustrations... Dissatisfaction... & much more... Who voted for A7x? This band sings of reality between love & hate... This is a band who can piss off others on stage... I don't know what these people means about metal... But surely they just don't get Bullet For My Valentine from heart... Bullet For My Valentine doesn't write in the name of lyrics.. They are the reality.. Crushing riffs.. Harmonized lead lines.. Excellent drum patterns... Bullet For My Valentine calls for pain... This a heavy metal band... Anyone having doubt about this can go and check their knowledge about different subdivisions of metal genre... Bullet For My Valentine IS THE BEST...

This band makes all such types of songs which are of true meanings and also has real feelings. Give extra votes to the top band. This is a band which makes songs from heart. None of its songs are meaningless. We Can take the example of Heart burst into fire.

Saying A7X doesn't write about loss! The entire Nightmare album is written to the Rev with songs like "So Far Away" and "Buried Alive". A7X is light years ahead of this shot band that doesn't deserve to be on this list especially not ahead of a good band like disturbed. Thus band is trash and is a disgrace to metal

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With David Draiman on vocals, Dan Donegan on guitar, Mike Wengren on Drums and John Moyer on bass, this band proves to be one of the most influential bands of all time. With their very unique style of music and covers such as "Shout 2000" and "Land of Confusion" still haven't been topped. Even though they are on a temporary hiatus since 2010, they still prove to be one of the greatest metal bands of all time. They started off with the name of brawl, but in 1996 changed to Disturbed. David Draiman formed a band called Device in 2012 with Will Hunt (drummer of Evanescene), Virus (guitarist of Dope), and Geno Lenardo (guitarist of filter) and have written "Haze" featuring M. Shadows (singer of Avenged Sevenfold), "Vilify" and "You think you know". They have produced 5 studio albums and one compilation album, 4 of the albums were #1 on the billboard 100 and 3 received platinum.

They may not be the best of all time. I will say however, Draiman is the best singerout of all these people on the list, he is and will be my favorite and is top ten of all time. Dan Donegan has speed and great rifts, and soul. His Solos are badass, there is a typical argument about speed, well perfect insanity has the speed. He has the skill and will be top 50 of all time. (He may not be the heaviest) John Moyer, well you can't really hear him, but in times when he uses his skill to help perfect a song, you can probably hear moyerat times. (The Animal) Mike Wengren, Speed percussive style, and a fluent metal sound. Even though this may be an opinion, Dammit, these guys are top 50 of all time, and #1 for MODERN DAY METAL!

Indestructable... Enough said. Plus all the other bands don't even compete with the quality and power behind the disturbed music!

Possibly one of the greatest metal bands of all time however the get severely underrated due to being new

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Skilful and broad in terms of music styling, Mastodon mix an uncompromising metal sound with a sweet and technical progressiveness. Their ability to switch from heavy riffs to intricate guitar and drum work never ceases to amaze me. No album sounds like the previous, they epitomise the meaning of progression. Brann Dailor's drumming style and fills are easily one of the best I have ever heard from any drummer and Mastodon are unrivalled in being the best metal band to rise to fame in the new millennium. The fourteen bands that precede them are not even in the same league (Avenged and LOG are cool though).

Mastodon Being below Avenged Sevenfold, Bullet for My Valentine and Disturbed is an absolute joke. Avenged Seveenfold just Released one of the worst albums I have ever heard, Bullet for my Valentine is like death metal for ten year olds, aka Lacking the Parts of death metal that makes it great, and adds nothing unique. Disturbed is a descent band, but that is all that they are. Descent, nothing original. Draiman is a good singer but he only sings one way. Mastodon is a truly unique band that doesn't have a single album that sounds the same and is an absolute behemoth in the world of Stoner Metal.

Best band going at the moment. They are extremely good musicians that really compliment each other. There is no such thing as a simple mastodon song which I is what I really like about them, each song is complicated and isn't just a generic verse and chorus through out. Crack the skye is my favorite album just because some of the songs are so filled with riffs and epic drumming, their early stuff I also dig but but I think the prog root they went down with on crack the skye is the best. Long live mastodon!

These guys are amazing! Although their recent albums are a bit too soft. Despite that I think they should be given a chance by anybody.

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6Lamb Of God

Lamb of god is the absolute epitome of metal. They are the most metal metal band in history, picking up where pantera left off. They're so heavy they make death metal sound like rock, and rock sound like nursery rhymes. I love A7x, but I'd put them on the top of the rock list. I'd put Bullet For My Valentine on top of the steaming pile list where it belongs

lamb of god by far. of this list I would have to say mastodon, then opeth. then I guess korn because this list is messed up in the head. disturbed and dragonforce? thats just embarrassing. "metalheads" who like dragonforce are cheating themselves because dragonforce speeds up their music. they have no talent. LAMB OF GOD WINNNN - crunchyjuice

When Randy opens his mouth, a portal to Hell is opened and the screaming voices of a thousand demons enter this world via his throat. When I think METAL, I think Lamb of God. They're heavy, they have grooves, their lyrics are meaningful and intelligent, they shred and basically, they just rock. There is nothing better in the metal scene, past or present.

Should be at the top of this list

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7System of a Down

System of a Down is a band, that when you actually hear it, you will know why they are the best Musicians, best singers, and best band of all time! Slipknot and A7X are very good, but they aren't System of a Down. System of a Down, Tool, RATM, and Slipknot are the only bands whose messages are real! Go METAL FOREVER!

With Serj Tankian on vocals, Daron Malakian on guitar and occasional vocals, Shavo Odadjian as bass guitarist and backing vocals, and John Dolmayan on drums is a well known band. Serj Tankian has a very recognizable voice and the band has a very diverse form of music seen in "Chop Suey! " and "Toxicity". This band continues to go strong. They have only made 5 studio albums, but a large amount of singles.

This band is amazing, it's the most unique band I have ever listened to, every song they make is different from the other so you never get bored of them and everything is perfect in this band, the vocals, the guitar, drums, bass, and their songs are amazing and has true meaning, they're just perfect, VOTE FOR System of a Down!

I love them because all they're songs are different. That's why I like them so much. Id like them to do guitar solo, Daron is very good.

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Trivium has never made bad albums. They are amazing and their live performances are stronger than ever. I expect them to reach the top in years to come for sure. They deserve to be up there without a doubt!

Nobody can compare to Trivium's combination of brutality, melody, and instrumentalism. Matt Heafy can sing with the best, and his growls and screams rival anyone today. Matt and Corey's twin guitar leads are face-melting, especially on Shogun where they use seven string guitars. Every album they progress in a new way. No other contemporary metal band out there competes. - Hobbes


They have not written a weak song despite changing their sound consistently. Every album sounds different but still has that core, distinctive Trivium sound!

Long live Trivium!

Just listen to Down From the Sky or A Gunshot To the Head of Trepidation and you will understand

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Opeth is a really talented band and thus SHOULD NOT BE IN A LIST WHERE Linkin Park IS ( and above Opeth!? ). Opeth is just the opposite of Linkin Park; Opeth is a band of really talented instrumentalists and a Great Composer (Akerfeldt) whereas Linkin Park has no one who plays musical instruments. Metal should be played with instruments, NOT BY DJ's.

Opeth is the best band till date... absolutely fabulous... lyrics, vocals, names of songs, musical quality and detail, innovation, album art, themes, depth, overall impression-everything is the best... those who haven't heard there songs don't know what they're missing... every one of their songs are in perfect sync with their themes... a truly mature band consisting of true maestros.

I can't believe Opeth is not in the top ten. They are easily one of the most talented metal bands out there right now and these kids that say avenged sevenfold has the greatest guitarist and that Corey Taylor is a godly vocalist could really learn something by listening to this band. Mikael Adkerfeldt is a musical genius and his growl is the most demonic thing that I've ever heard. To top it all off, he has a beautiful singing voice as well.

Opeth by far should be number, they are so unique in their style, no one else is like them.

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10Killswitch Engage

Love killswitch great guitar riffs My Curse is an awesome song.

Did you ever listen to When Darkness Falls by Killswitch Engage? Try it then...

The best band in the world in my opinion. With utterly brilliant and unique drumming and guitarist skills they blow minds of many metalers around the world to this day.

Howard Jones has like the GREATEST VOICE EVER! No one can compete with him!

This is the real end of my heartache, this band should be on top ten

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?Rise Against

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11Black Label Society

Because Zakk Wylde is an absolute beast. You really need to listen to Godspeed Hellbound and In this River.

These guys should be in the top ten for the riffs alone! Plus zakk wilds unique vocals

Super underrated band definitely deserves to be in top 5 at least.

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A peerless level of soul and atmosphere mixed with sheer aggression and brutality. Gojira ' rules

Very unique! Gojira are amazing in their ability to make simple, melodic, and heavy music.

Just a kick ass band to listen to. extremely heavy and driving

Brutal and technical on a level that no other band has achieved.


One of the best progressive metal bands ever! Every song is really unique and cool, making them one of my favorites of all time. Everything they do continues to impress me with sensational lyrics, drumming, guitars and singing. What can I say? Singing is masterful, drums are insanely good, guitars are continuously impressive and the bass is outstanding. I respect these guys so much

Tool is one of the best prog rock and metal bands has ever comes! They lyrics is the most psychologic, philosophic and mentalism lyrics! Maynard has a really good voice that completed the tool with that voice!

Tool is just one of those unique bands. If you were to take this band and compare them with Avenged Sevenfold, five finger...etc. Tool is on a whole new level. Tool has songs that have deep meaning and multiple views for interpretations. To me they have the old school recipes for making genuinely amazing songs that create a timeless atmosphere. The others... Create mainstream success but are shortly forgotten.

#18 what were you thinking? This is top 5 for sure.

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14All That Remains

Nothing to say, if you have not heard them, then try them. No need to say anything else due to the fact that when you've heard them you will know that they are good. Well that is if you like metal and want to be able to hear the lyrics.

Great music. Vocals, drums, guitars, they got it all. Lyrics are pretty badass

This band is amazing anyone that thinks otherwise go get your ears checked

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15Machine Head

Machine Head's UNTO THE LOCUST! Listen to it! Review of reviewers it 10/10! B*tch -. - - joaocarvalho

Black Veil brides is above Machine head. Who bought the twelve year olds computers?

Absurd for machine head to be this low

They're one of the best metal bands since the 90s

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16Five Finger Death Punch

Five Finger Death Punch is a killer metal band. If you have never heard of them you should really listen to some of my favorite songs "100 Ways to Hate", "Remember Everything", "No One Gets Left Behind".

I'm not going to spend much time on this because I don't want a fan war, but the only reason they fall into 8th is because they are a fairly new band, and because it's a little difficult to relate to them.

Badass band and amazing work on their albums, war is the answer is possibly the greatest metal album released in the past 10 years, Not to mention they came over to play for us when I was deployed to Iraq, it was the greatest concert ever

I love every song that they have put out. Have not disliked one yet. This band should be #1!

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17Linkin Park

The best musics I have ever listened in this category. They can not be compared with others because Linkin Park have not root in the ground.

Nu - Metal Gods...
Mike shinoda and chester's vocals are awesome...
Awesome song beginning riffs...

I listen to Hybrid Theory and Meteora at least 3 times a day

Avenged Sevenfold is the first?! Are you kidding me? - CabadePartyhunter

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18Pop Evil

This band is awesome! Some of their songs are softer, but they also have some harder rocking songs, like Trenches.

This band is just the core of rock. Every single one of the tracks on onyx are just masterpiece, especially fly away and trenches. Even lipstick on the mirror is great. This band IS rock!

TRENCHES IS AMAZING! Last Man Standing and Boss's Daughter are also great songs and Pop Evil is by the best modern metal band, followed by Slipknot and Avenged Sevenfold.

This band is so underrated. They need more attention! My favorite album is the Onyx album!

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19Amon Amarth

Amon amarth should be #1

#2 behind Machine Head


The reason why they are down here is because they are not classified as a "Modern" band. Their first album came out in 83. They are worthy of this list but don't necessarily belong on it.

They are what is known as metal gods. They brought metal back to Earth, and without them, this argument would be invalid. And their new stuff has gone back to their original style, and nothing is going to stop them

Metallica are the reason why modern metal even exists. Of course they belong here - and if they were literally modern, then they'd again be regarded as the greatest of all time all over again.

Kirk's solos are always good.

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