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August 2, 2015 - This list is for the best MODERN metal guitarists. Bands that formed after 1990 and are still around today, making albums. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Synyster Gates
Sun is actually extremely hated by a lot of people in the metal fan base. But that's just stupid. Gates is an amazing guitarist and he has some awesome solos is Second Heartbeat, Afterlife, I Won't See You Tonight Part 2 and many other songs by Avenged Sevenfold. Just an awesome guitarist.


Often called the best metal band to come out recently, Synyster Gates is what makes them as good as they are.
Doesn't need an explanation, he's too awesome for one.
[Newest]Much like Metallica, I doubt Avenged Sevenfold would have been nearly as successful without Gates

2Mick Thomson, Slipknot
though his chugging skills are excellent, people overlook his serious musical chops, his ability to shred like no other with fluidity and amazing dexterity, clean. much better than virus of dope. He can really play his ass off.
A great range of metal for this guitarist, much like the singer.
Thomson's performance is very good...


[Newest]Great guitarists deserves to be no. 1 and what is brad Delson doing on this list linkin park is not metal

3Adam Dutkiewicz, Killswitch Engage
One of the best Hardcore bands of all time needs a great guitarist, and they have it.
You just need to listen to killswitch engage and you will know adam is the best modern metal guitarist of all time! All hail king adam!
What is Mick doing here Tremonti is probably better Mick does nothing but chugs..

4JR Bareis, Love and Death
A guitar prodigy discovered by Brian "Head" Welch when he was only 15 years old. His skills increase exponentially each year. He can definitely hold his own with the best of them. Watch out he is just getting started.
His style of play is precise but fluid, he reminds me of Randy Rhodes, he has the gift were he makes it look easy and he is dead on each note when I seen him live, he just blew me away
JR blew us away when we caught the live show with Korn this last year! When I researched and saw just how young he really was I was even more in Awe He's incredible already! I'm a fan4life! I'm excited by what he will bring us next! It should be noted that he's a talented vocalist as well! Keep Rocking JR! -PrincessJena
[Newest]The dude can rock, but his magnetic personality makes him an amazing fit for Metal.

5James Shaffer, Korn
A very good guitarist, who is underappreciated in this band.
He is a mind blowing guitarist, he has always been my idol, and will always remain my idol. Simply awesome guitarist. He deserves #1.

6Zoltan Bathory, Five Finger Death Punch
Just check out his solo on Burn MF, enough said.

7Michael Romeo, Symphony X
Has all the skills of the old Masters, and then improves it in every metal way, He's the ultimate metal shredder, he has all you need to know about new Metal guitar
The greatest metal guitarrist I know, a virtuoso with really great taste.

8Michael Padget, Bullet for My Valentine
He's awesome! He can play both heavy metal electric and then turn around and play amazing acoustic solos! And they're all original. He simply fascinates me.
He is the most underrated guitartist he and mick thompson but mick thompson is better in my mind :) but padget is so underrated


He should be in top 2 behind SYN
[Newest]This guy should be on the top 3.

9Willie Adler, Lamb of God
An old friend... He used to be more of a hippy who liked Rage Against the Machine and Beastie Boys... Lived in the Redwoods and is the most amazing drummer I have ever heard... All before becoming one of the best guitarist in the world
Keeping technical ability in the mix while still being intense, he definitely deserves his spot on this list.
This list is overly biased, Adler is far more talented than anyone on this list
[Newest]The greatest rhythm guitarist of all time.. Better than anyone on this list. Period

10John Petrucci, Dream Theater
Why is he higher in the best metal guitarists (all time), vs the best modern medal guitarists? :? Also, look at the panic attack solo people.
No one on this list can touch the level of musical virtuosity of John Petrucci. Period.
This guy practically rivals Hendrix in matters of skill

The Contenders

11Thomas Youngblood, Kamelot
While his soloing often needs improvement, he knows what he's doing with the main riffs.

12Virus, Dope
He's the most amazing guitarist. Every time he picks up a guitar he puts everyone else to shame. He can play everything and anything without practice. The man is just a genius.
His personality is totally expressed through his playing. Especially when you listen to all the music he has recorded, he is a total package guitarist outside of Dope!!
Virus deserves this spot more than anyone else. I mean come on have you seen him perform on broadway "Rock Of Ages". He's AMAZING!

13Richard Z. Kruspe, Rammstein
Yeah, I know, his riffs often only contain two notes, but in other songs he shows definite musical ability.
He is not typical modern guitarist - he has no knowledge about playing technics or well known solo scales. But he has great precision in playing riffs! Also, he is a great composer, his guitar sound is outstanding...
Great guitarist! His solos are amazing!

14Billy Robinson, Abadden
It's refreshing to hear clean, intricate, soulful and melodic solos being thrown into new school, fast-speed thrash - and hell! Billy does this brilliantly! I could listen to his solos all day!
He's a great guitarist both to listen to on Abadden's debut album and to watch live. A band and guitarist well worth watching!
A truly brilliant guitarist who may not be that well known outside of the UK, but he shows all the hallmarks of becoming a future guitar legend!

Definitely one of the best modern Metal guitarists out there right now!


15Thomas Erak, The Fall of Troy

16Mark Tremonti
Tremonti is the backbone of three successful bands Creed, Alter Bridge, and Tremonti. He can shred as well as anyone in metal today. He's by far the most complete guitarist in the game right now!
People who think that mick Thomson is better than Mark are too stupid. Go study and don't vote for a casual guitarist
Deserves to be higher up there...

Should be Donegan, Tremonti, Syn, Mick, and Adam Jones for top 5.

17Brad Delson, Linkin Park
Best Modern Metal Guitarist!
Guitarist of the Legendary Band LINKIN PARK
Best ever simple and awesome
He is the greatest guitarist I have ever seem...

I don't know why he is in the 3rd place...

... He surely deserve the 1st place...
After all he is the lead guitarist of LP

18Jeff Loomis, Nevermore
Jeff Loomis has some of the most intelligent and involved riffs out there. His solos are near impossible to play. I've never seen someone sweep like him. His ability to play great emotion as well as shred your face off make him my number 1 pick.
Listen to the shredding he does on "Miles of Machines" - all I'm saying.


Jeff is probably the best underrated guiarist out there, his solos are guitar playing is unmatchable

19Alexi Laiho, Children of Bodom
Alexi laiho should be in the top ten
The best in years.
He is not fastest or cleanest guitarist in the world unlice Jacky Vincent and others BUT! One thing he certainly has - is STYLE!

20Amen, Lordi
While his riffs are generally easy at this point, they are still great and define the band. He has also become great at solos.

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