Top Ten Best Modern Rifles/SMG


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The Top Ten

There are over 90 million AK-47s in the world and counting. This is the Glock of rifles. You can do any thing to it and it will still work. The 600 rpm makes the rifle plenty controllable and accurate. The weapon is also very narrow unlike the m4 so it is very comfortable to hold. Lightness means easier target accusation and less fatigue when carrying on a ten mile hike. The extra power of the 7.62x39 cartridge, compared to the wimpy 5.56x45 give it a definite advantage. This also means that it does not loose power at long ranges (the 5.56 proved to be very disappointing when the US troops engaged in combat at ranges over 300 yards due to such a light bullet that looses it's velocity at long range and the cartridge depends on high velocity to incapacitate the enemy). The AK will hit pretty much what it is aimed at and will kill whatever it is aimed at. The US and NATO forces should abandon the 5.56 and change over to 7.62x39 in the AK-47.
At least one side in every single war or conflict in the past 30-40 years has used Kalashnikovs. There's a very good reason for that. You walk through a swamp or swim across a river carrying it, the AK still works. It gets run over by a tank, the AK still works. You pour salt down the barrel and leave it for a week in a pool of stagnant water, the AK still works.
Accuracy accounts for nothing if it doesn't work properly without fouling in actual warfare.
[Newest]Ak-47(and all guns of that category afterwards) are the most known and used weapons, for good reasons.

2Heckler&Koch MP5
The mp5 is by far the most advanced smg. It is the SAS's weapon of choice. The mp5 rarely ever jams and is reliable in every way. The mp5 truly deserves to be the most deadly weapon
the SAS use it and they ain't d sixth best special forces... they are simply the best special forces in the world... thats gotta mean sumthin
because the SAS uses this gun and their the elite fighters of the english army the 6th best military in the entire world
[Newest]Good but you guys know there is an MP7 now right?

3Kriss Vector .45
This has to be the future of firearms
Amazing firepower and looks awesome, kicks a lot though.
The ergonomics are weird and the rof is just plain wasteful. Plus the damage is horrible...

This is the number 1 rifle in the real world. Ignore the Call of Duty fanboys who don't have trigger time behind weapons.

Good accuracy and well balanced, the M4 is far better then all other guns in both accuracy and range although the damage isn't as great, accuracy is more important then damage.
Very reliable and a solid weapon system. Trusted all around the world and has evolved sience itwas first deleloped.
the us army use it and there the most advanced millitary in the world

6FN P90
Accurate low recoil, low pentatration good for hostages and such

7Barrett M107

8Remington MSR

9IMI Tavor TAR-21
The main assault rifle of God's chosen people. Can't argue with that
Used by the most battle tested infantry.
One of the best rifles for me, along with SCAR and AK.

10Steyr AUG
The weapon itself is extremely practical due to the fact that it uses the "bullpup" design. Another great thing is that it has the option to switch out barrels if one overheats!
It's way better than the crappy AK-47, why the hell is it even on top of the AUG, it should seriously be first, M4 is too fast and unbalanced.
Has low recoil, very steady and various attachments.
[Newest]High accuracy, huge damage, smooth control

The Contenders

11Knight's Armament M110

12IMI Galil (IDF Defender)
No doubts, the IMI Galil is your defender anyday, any time, anywhere.
Ak design, accurate 5.56 NATO, and very configurable. What's not to love?

13Heckler & Koch G36
versatile and reliable. just what todays average soldier needs
ps it looks cool too
Reiable, short, 5.56 a good round, can be fitted with a wide veraity of attachments, lightwiegth just around 7 to 5 pounds, sleek design, folding stock, ambidextrious for you leftys and ITS HK

It has the reliability of AK-47 tested under extreme conditions and the accuracy of the M-16. It's the shortest and the lightest assault rifle in the world. It's 5.8mm outperform both the 5.56mm and 5.45mm. It has high penetration power but lower stopping power than the 5.56mm. It's disadvantages are the lack of Picatinny rail and the height of it's carrying handles makes the user expose its head...

15Accuracy International Arctic Warfare
Fires the longest and is a good all round British sniper

16M249 Squad Automatic Weapon
Best Machine gun ever, way better than the ak, FAMAS, and most of the guns on dis list

17Spectre M4

18Heckler & Koch UMP

Very true this is why the us marines use it

20Beretta PM12-S2

The best SMG ever


23Heckler & Koch MP7
Simple stopping power of assault rifle and as compact as an smg
Slightly excessive rof, low damage, and arguably weird feel. Great for cqb though.

Combining the rugged Garand action with the considerable power of the 7.62x51 NATO round, the M14 is a relatively lightweight, accurate, and reliable firearm. First introduced in 1959, its numerous excellent characteristics have kept it in service until today, first as a battle rifle and subsequently as a squad sniper rifle. What more can you ask for in a rifle?


25CZ Scorpion Evo 3 A1
I love czech guns.


The first and only rifle that is not gas operated. No overheat and less maintenance bec of less carbon deposit
The first and only rifle that is not gas operated. No overheat and less carbon deposit

28SAR 21




32PP-19 Bizon

33SA80 A2

34Heckler & Koch G36C

35SA80 MK3
Mk1 crap the magazine kept coming of and the bolt handle stuck out pain in the ass mk2 kept jamming noted in the first gulf war due to sand mk3 well one off the deadliest rifles with kill over 800 m in good hands

36FAMAS (Clarion)
I used, I loved, never let me down.

FL vet, 2 Reg. Para

37Steyr Scout
Built in bipod, why not?

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