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81What Ya Gonna Do - Hinder
82Boston - Augustana

This song is amazing, it really should be higher

I love this song 64? Really? It should be higher

Love this song, also Sweet and low

83Lovesong - The Cure

Didn't make the list?

84And All That Could Have Been - Nine Inch Nails

One of the most beautiful songs ever!

Closer Shouldn't even be on list sorry... Its not a love song.

V1 Comment
85Demolition Lovers - My Chemical Romance

One of my personal favorite songs in general.

86Hunting for You - Robbie Williams
87So Close, So Far - Hoobastank
88Chances - Five for Fighting

This song deserves more credit dan its getting... Should be up2 15 on dis list

89Wonderful Life - Alter Bridge
90Falling In Love - Falling Up

Nice song and I relate it.

91Madness - Muse

I have finally realized, I need your LOVE, I NEED YOU LOVE, Come to me just in a dream, come and rescue me, yes I know, I can't be wrong baby you too head strong, our love is m- m-m-mad mad mad, m m mad mad madness

Wow this song is exactly how I feel

92Pushit - Tool

Best love song by Tool, I prefer the Saliva version but the one from the CD that means "Soul" in latin, the original: is amazing too.

93If I'm James Dean, You're Audrey Hepburn - Sleeping With Sirens

Just look at the lyrics "how the hell did you ever pick me honestly I can sing you a song but I don't think words can express your beauty" like come on. And the chorus "they say that love is forever your forever is all that I nee please stay as long as you need can't promise that things wont be broken but I swear that I will never leave please stay forever with me" and the whole song is perfect.

This song is the definition of a perfect yet imperfect love

94Time After Time - Quietdrive
95All About Lovin' You - Bon Jovi
96Not Good Enough For Truth In Cliche - Escape the Fate

Why is this song so far down?!

97All American Nightmare - Hinder

One of my all time favorite songs always gets me pumped up

98Join Me In Death - HIM

It's like a Romeo and Juliet song, very nice, from the Finish band HIM... It's one of HIM's classics, great music & lyrics...

These guys have some of the best love songs ever! But thisis a beautiful song to dedicate to your love one.. How far will you be able to go for your loved one kind of thing

99Orestes - A Perfect Circle

Always thot it was about a mother giving birth and she is dies, and her son grows up with that and can't let go... ? I don't know who knows Maynards a bad ass but a lot of his songs are about his momma, just saying

This song is such a beautiful song.
Metaphor of a missing moment pull me in you perfect circle.

100Passenger - Deftones
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