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Little Talks
Brilliant song! And CBro7 you should listen to their other songs before speaking


I agree with this list completely. Nice work. I am not sure they can make a song better than Little Talks.
Of monsters and men won the icelandic college band competition one year and nominied for mtvs best music video the next.
What a band!
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2Mountain Sound
Can't stop listening to this it's an absolutely amazing song and so catchy
I really love this song. It reminds me of years when I live ranch.
Heard it once and now a fan of it!
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3Dirty Paws
Beautiful song, reminds me of the hobbit movies for some reason
I love this song, the words, meaning, actual music...
Beautiful acoustic guitar and singing
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4King and Lionheart
This song should be #1 ok. but honestly the song just keeps building up and is truly amazing.
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5Six Weeks Listen to sample

6Your Bones Listen to sample

7From Finner Listen to sample

Such a powerful under rated song. I think it beats little talks.
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9Sloom Listen to sample

It's the best ever. one of the must hear songs
This song is so enchanting! The most phenomenal work of the band yet... Catching Fire + Of Monsters And Men = A SUPERNOVA!
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11Yellow Light
This song HAS to be higher than 10! IT IS AMAZING!
Why isn't this song in the top ten? WHY?!
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12Numb Bears Listen to sample

13Love Love Love
Why isn't this in the top ten? It's one of their most popular songs and it's number 14! Why?
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14Slow and Steady Listen to sample

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