Best The Moody Blues Songs


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The Top Ten

The Other Side of Life

2Nights In White Satin
One of my all time favorite songs!
All time moody blues best
Featured in movie Dark Shadows.

3I Know You're Out There Somewhere
One of their noteworthy songs and like Your Wildest Dreams. The tune is a memo-rising reserve to its meaning and always listen to it a lot.

4I'm Just A Singer (In a Rock & Roll Band)
One of Johns best

5Your Wildest Dreams
I love all their songs but this one means a great deal to me personally.
Far and away there best song

6Go Now!
This song really means something to me but it's unfortunate that it isn't more popular.


Wonderful lyrics combined with powerful vocals truly deliver a fantastic experience. In one word a masterpiece

8The Story In Your Eyes
Their albums from Days of Future Passed thru Seventh Sojourn were their best works. Brilliant album art as well. Leaving them out of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is nonsense, ridiculous, illogical and insulting.


From their most mature creative period. Straight ahead rock, not vapid blue jays stuff that came later.
Just awesome. Get goose bumps every time I hear it!

9Gemini Dream

10Melancholy Man
The national anthem of melancholy men.

The Contenders

11The Voice
Fantastic song from Justin Hayward, the songwriter

12One More Time to Live

13Isn't Life Strange

14Tuesday Afternoon (Forever Afternoon)
The music & lyrics of the Moody Blues songs are some of the most beautiful & meaningful ever written. They still sound amazing live, too!

15Gypsy (of a Strange and Distant Time)
Already on the list.

16Legend of a Mind
This song is just perfect - psychedelic, with amazing flute solo, very dreamy and upbeat, just, well ya know, just fantastic!


17Lost In a Lost World

18Sitting at the Wheel

19Candle of Life

20Blue World

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