Best The Moody Blues Songs


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The Top Ten

The Other Side of Life

2I Know You're Out There Somewhere
One of their noteworthy songs and like Your Wildest Dreams. The tune is a memo-rising reserve to its meaning and always listen to it a lot.

3Nights In White Satin
One of my all time favorite songs!
Featured in movie Dark Shadows.
All time moody blues best

4Your Wildest Dreams
I love all their songs but this one means a great deal to me personally.

5Go Now!

6Gemini Dream

7I'm Just a Sing (In a Rock and Roll Band)
One of Johns best

8Melancholy Man
The national anthem of melancholy men.

9The Voice
Fantastic song from Justin Hayward, the songwriter


The Contenders

11The Story In Your Eyes
From their most mature creative period. Straight ahead rock, not vapid blue jays stuff that came later.
Just awesome. Get goose bumps every time I hear it!

12Tuesday Afternoon (Forever Afternoon)
The music & lyrics of the Moody Blues songs are some of the most beautiful & meaningful ever written. They still sound amazing live, too!

13Sitting at the Wheel

14Legend of a Mind
This song is just perfect - psychedelic, with amazing flute solo, very dreamy and upbeat, just, well ya know, just fantastic!


15Blue World

16Steppin' In a Slide Zone
Haunting from the beginning, begins a pulse as an energy rocker from John Lodge.

17Had to Fall In Love
Acoustic and beautiful song from the superior craftsmanship of the Moodies.

18Sooner or Later (Walkin' On Air)
Catchy and very uplifting, Justin, John and Ray did well together in a triple duet vocal resonation. I wish that song should have been a single sung by three members. Golly!

19I Dreamed Last Night

20Lost In a Lost World

21The Swallow

22How Is It (We Are Here)

23Lean On Me (Tonight)
Well-written ballad from John Lodge

24Isn't Life Strange

25For My Lady

26Ride My See-Saw

27Lovely to See You

28Veteran Cosmic Rocker

29Bless the Wings (That Bring You Back)
That song is really describing and not a moment too soon, it's very unique and beautiful in all its listening. Don't care if one person thinks that it's depressing.

30English Sunset

31Say It With Love

32No More Lies

33Talking Out of Turn


35One Step Into the Light

36Running Water

37It's Cold Outside of Your Heart


39The Sunset

40Candle of Life

41One More Time to Live

42You Can Never Go Home

43Have You Heard (Part 1)

44My Song

45Eternity Road

46Eyes of a Child


48Are You Sitting Comfortably

49What Am I Doing Here?

50King and Queen

51It's Up to You

52In My World

53Want to Be With You

54Say What You Mean

55Strange Times



58Foolish Love

59Out and In


61Dawning Is the Day

62Emily's Song

63Voices In the Sky

64Minstrel's Song

65Twilight Time

66The Land of Make-Believe

67(Evening) Time to Get Away

68Don't You Feel Small

69Sun Is Still Shining

70Vintage Wine

71Going Nowhere

72Never Blame the Rainbows for the Rain

73Dr. Livingstone, I Presume?

74The Actor

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