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1 Scorpion & Mileena

They would be the Best Couple they are both Unmerciful and Powerful, Sadistic. Perfect Team Up Right there. Screw Bombs and guns buddy with them they are the end of the world

I agree with you, they do make a very deadly, loving, couple.
A very, fiery, cannibal, couple

I like scorp and mileena, because they would make an evil, deadly and loving couple! And if anyone tried to break into their house, they would be dead before they can do anything!

And both of them have agly faces

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2 Johnny Cage & Sonya Blade

Johnny and Sonya love each other. They would make a great and very hot couple. I hope they will get together in the final MK game - Irina2932

The liked each other from the games, the movies, and even the comics. they're also very cute together!

Cassie Cage (Mortal kombat x), enough said

No point of arguing but everyone knows that Sonya likes Johnny

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3 Sub-Zero & Kitana

Both are blue, also since Liu kang died.. She has moved on and started to love Sub zero :).. Based on fanfiction I read earlier.. But I really think Kitana and Sub zero are a great couple

Sub zero is beast and kitana is also I think they will also be very strong together I mean ice and wind I think it's the coolest couples

I very love this couple because all mortal kombat part always liu kang and kitana I'm so bored and very hate this couple I want to change it to subzero and kitana (remember I very hate liu kang)

It's better then Liu Kang and Kitana

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4 Liu Kang & Kitana

they love each other if kitana dies liu kang dies if liu kang dies kitana dies itz the perfecy couple

Liu Kang & Kitana will always be the best Couple in mortal kombat history.

They have a remarkable dynamic that is so much more than being a textbook knight and princess. They have a deep care for each other that has endured through death and appears to be the only way that they will be able to live again. Even in death, they chose each other, and now they are unwillingly evil and rule the Netherrealm side-by-side.

There always calling and hanging out with each other

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5 Jade & Smoke

I totally love this couple. They don't have the same colors or similar powers but when I saw them together it just seemed right.

Smoke and Jade make such a good couple!

Smoke is Sub-Zeros friend. Jade is Kitanas friend so Kitana X Sub-Zero = Jade X Smoke

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6 Noob Saibot & Sareena

I think these two are hardcore and evil seems to bring the evidence

I kinda had thoughts of these two. Seems legit as well.

I agree. #Spoiler! # Sareena said in mkx story mode, "Bi-han aided me" and Kitana was saying something like emotions and stuff.

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7 Kenshi & Li Mei

They would be a totally kick-ass pair just imagine with his telekinesis and her kicks and projectiles they could give scorpion and Mileena a run for their money

I love this pairing! They look so cute together, he's so sexy and she's beautiful, I just love them as a couple!

By the power best in me by the internetpronoun you husband and wife you may kiss the bride

Such sexy couple every single person would choose

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8 Scorpion & Skarlet

Both are mentally evil. She's made from blood so she's immune to old age and scorpion is already dead so perfect couple.

I agree I think this is the best shipping because they have a common goal: Kill Quan Chi..So they make a "Bloody Fire" haha

They match both are evil and they want revenge

Scorpion and skarlet just look cool together

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9 Shao Kahn & Sindel

Sindel does not really like Kahn. It was just a spell. If she didn't have the spell on her she would have ran for the hills. Or. Kill herself.

You know dag gone well that Sindel hates Shao the ugly Kahn

They are both king and queen and they raised kitana and mileena

Both r the parents of melinna and kitana
Shao Kahn is a king sindel is a queen
Both r like gods

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10 Kung Lao & Jade

They make a perfectly good Couple because liu kang and kitana are a beautiful couple and these 2 deserve to be together so they can go on a double date with liu Kang and kitana

I think this pairing makes a lot of sence. Kitana and jade are best friends and liu kang and kung lao are also best friends. So if kitana and liu kang are together, then why not jade and kung lao? They can go on a double date with kitana and liu kang.

Liu Kang and kung lao are best friends and kitana and jade are also best friends. Kitana and liu kang are together. So why not kung lao and jade?

Of course this couple would be great

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11 Baraka & Mileena

Baraka and mileena is the best of the best couple

I think it is dumb that everyone thinks Baraka and Mileena should be together because of their teeth. That's so generic, predictable, and boring.

"They both have killer teeth they would rip peoples throats out and they would have killer babies together." "They are both bad ass."

Well I thought they could be the best couple ever in mortal Combat. 1 because of their teeth and 2 because they both have a lot in common with each other

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12 Tanya & Liu Kang V 1 Comment
13 Goro & Sheeva

Both are from the same race. Both are royalty (the marks on their backs prove it) Both have four arms. Both are brutal. They go together pretty good, I'd say.

It is two creature have four hand, and big super fighters.

Bothbr like monsters/creatures
Both have 4 arms
Make a cute and good cuppel
And my honest opinion is that it seems that they were made to be a item

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14 Cassie Cage & Kano

I can see Cassie rebeling against her mother and getting in a relationship with Kano

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15 Takeda & Jacqui

I personally thought that Cassie and Takeda would like each other, but yeah they are a good couple

They are like a hotdog and ketchup.

MKX has proof of them being a couple. They're just so cute together!

They are both very cool

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16 Scorpion & Jade

Because they color are green and yellow they both look so cute together
Scorpion is the best ninja and Jade is the sexiest female ninja so they deserve to have each other
And they are the best TAG so the best lovers are SCORPION & JADE

They are perfect for each other

They both have a long rang weapon and a contact weapon - SolarGaze

I just don't see it...

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17 Sub-Zero & Jade

I think Frost looks cute with Sub-Zero. They both are the same clan. They both control ice. They both look cute as they fight, too.

I honestly don't think they would be a good couple. It just doesn't make sense.

Because they're the best characters.

Jade and sub are the family

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18 Ermac & Skarlet

The other one is a fusion of souls and the other is a fusion of blood, wow perfect match

They both work for Shao Kahn they both look good in red so yeah

One is made of warriors' souls, the other is made of their blood. Yeah, a perfect match.

Great couple

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19 Raiden & Ashrah

Both are god like and are all about protecting and doing what's right. Also, the hats, man, the hats.

They just seem to even one another out

They would make a cute coulpe, but also their coulth match nicly. They would be like a god and goddess better then zeus and hera from god of war. They are both tring to do good.

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20 Kano & Sonya Blade

Kano is good finish opponent to brutality, he is weapon to know, Kano is good somersault. In film Mortal Kombat 1, Sonya Blade fatality to Kano. Sonya is beautiful karate woman, super kicking and fuji to dust.

They've been after and known each other for years. It takes a powerful attraction to still chase each other down and not give up. If this were to ever happen, I can practically see and hear Johnny Cage fuming.

My personal belief they do make a cute couple but then you can tell that she is playing hard to get with Johnny cage

I'd like to see an alternate mk timeline where Kano is a protagonist and these two get along. But why's Sonya so obsessed, I mean in the arcade ending of mkx he's in her dreams lol. Kano's a strong guy who seems to enjoy being beaten up by her but not the other guys.

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