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61Cassie Cage & Frost

Seems like a legit couple. But it would be nice if they became a couple.

There both female caracters with a butch fem style
They would made a cute and interesting couplw

62Johnny Cage & Nitara
63Onaga & Li Mei
64Noob Saibot & Skarlet

Do you agree? They are a cute couple because Noob has that ultimate killer move and Skarlet in black is sexy...

Actually they both are like liquid or blood so...

Noob 4 the wind he was ' Sub-Zero, and Skarlet's hot.

65Li Mei & Ermac

They seem like totally opposites and opposites attract plus he's such a kick ass character and she is too its perf

66Mileena & Ermac

I think if mileena was to turn good her and ermac would be perf as well

Okay Mileena and Ermac are NOT a good couple
It just doesn't make sense

I think they would make a cute couple, if Ermac didn't betray Mileena in the prequel comics for MKX. Why did he betray Mileena and turn to Kotal Kahn? I think Mileena is the better leader.

67Onaga & Nitara

Both have wings, they are greatest fighter and fantastic creatures.

This couple has something in common

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68Quan Chi & Ashrah
69Quan Chi & Tanya
70Kung Lao & KitanaV1 Comment
71Taja & Siro

Taja and Siro his fair duo of serial Mortal Kombat Conquest. This duo his Alliance Kung Lao. Taja in genial fiv and fighter woman and Siro his tunrning out best guard and excellent fighter and best friend to Kung Lao. Taja and Siro his best duo of Mortal Kombat Conquest.

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72Ferra & D'Vorah

Although I can't really see this happening, it would be cute.

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73Johnny Cage & Mileena

Mileena hates good people and will tear of Johnny cage head off
U could just imagine that

74Smoke & SkarletV1 Comment
75Reptile & Li Mei

With his acid attacks and her projectiles, they work together perfectly.

76Johnny Cage & Sheeva

Anyone who says that this is a couple is stupid because Sheeva is stronger than Johnny Cage

Johnny is movie charismatic and Sheeva is strength, perfect match

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77Kotal Kahn & Mileena

Both desire the throne of Out World. Both are traitors to Earth Realm.

78Sonya & Raiden

Thunder and guns go great

79Jade & Ermac

I don't know I just think they'd go good together.

There is no evidence of that couple

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80Sindel & Sheeva
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