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Best motor oil made for performance if you own a sports car you should notice the differance

The test is to dismantle an engine after 150000 miles and measure the wear. Nothing comes close to Valvoline.

Valvoline is what all the old timers swear by for good reason.

I've used Valvoline and I've never had problems

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2Mobil 1

Best oil on the planet

Mobile 1 or nothing

Top of the line


Whatever works best for you, your car, use it. Cars are a lot like people-all different! And so are motor oils. I have used mostly Castrol and sometimes Valvoline motor oils with NO problems. What's good for me, my cars, may not be the best for your cars/s. And don't forget to change it every 3000 miles! With a new filter too.

Best oil out there!

By far best oil used in my cars

Best oil for ever...

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I'm using Platinum Pure Plus in my 2012 Tacoma, 5W30 oil, smooth riding

Pennzoil platinum has helped clean out my motor. I was getting poor gas milage no thanks to Castrol Gtx with syntec 11.3 mpg. Own a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Inline 6 4x4 currently has 174,210 miles and happy to say 17.2 mpg, a thanks to Pennzoil

5Royal Purple

This stuff is like Gold... er... Purple, the actual oil is tinted purple! Best hi tech substance going

Used it forever great oil, a little pricey at times. Allows it extra wiggle room if I don't change oil on time.

This oil is made for high hp engines not he best lubricating oil out there


Been using Amsoil since 1972 with no problems.

Only oil you can go 1yr 25,0000 miles with changes

7Shell Rotella

Best oil for the price

9Agip Synthetic PC

Superior oil great price

Best quality grease and oil

Sinopec Motor oil is a great quality oil, also nice that its made at a Shell refinery plant.

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12Wurth Triathlon

The best in terms of service life..


I've used Peak synthetic forever and never had any problems.

14Lucas Oil

That's a great motor oil I am using...

15Quaker State

Go up to 3,000 miles on a standard oil. And up to 6,000 on the full synthetic oil.

16Agip 5W-20 SUPER XL
17Chevron Supreme
18Gulf Western

Is it a detergent oil


The best in terms of service life..

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