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21Iron Giant - The Iron Giant
22Baymax - Big Hero 6Baymax is a fictional character, a superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.V2 Comments
23Atom - Real Steel

My favorite movie and my favorite robot from the movie

24Pris - Blade Runner
25Gort - The Day The Earth Stood Still
26Roy Batty - Blade Runner
27Evil Maria - Metropolis

The template for all humanoid movie robots since, this evil Doppelganger of the sweet-natured Maria was created by mad scientist Rotwang to foment rebellion - Alexandr

28Spider robots - Minority Report
29Gigolo Joe - A.I. Artificial Intelligence
30Box - Logan’s Run

Effectively, a farmer, freezing food for the young population inside the dome - Alexandr

31Jinx - SpaceCamp
32Annalee Call - Alien: Resurrection
33Vision - Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow
34Battle Droids - Star Wars
35David - Prometheus
36ABC Warrior - Judge Dredd

A supremely menacing, powerful robot that was based on Hammerstein from the 2000 AD comic strip. - ImaaniStarr

37Johnny 5 - Short Circuit

A military robot designed by NOVA robotics that goes rogue and develops a personality after getting zapped by lightning. A comical and camp robot that appealed to me as a child. Clearly also inspired the design of Wall. E - ImaaniStarr

38Gir - Invader ZimV1 Comment
39Bender - Futurama: Bender's Big Score
40Little Yama - Big Hero 6

This robot is an absolute killer!

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