Top Ten Best Movie Soundtracks


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The Top Ten

The Lord of The Rings (Howard Shore)
The Lord of The Rings soundtrack is the best I've ever heard. The music is just the right for what was happening, and it suited the time it took place on. I like it very much.
One of the most complex and memorable soundtracks of all time! Honestly, this should be at #1 or #2. There are a dozen incredible principal leitmotifs, and over 80 altogether.

The score is emotionally riveting, and you replay it countless times and still find the soundtrack incredibly refreshing.
Simply epic from start to end. Lots of different leitmotifs, which together manage to make you feel all the different emotions from the movie, going from calm and relaxed themes (Concerning Hobbits) to fast paced and dark tunes such as Mordor and Isengard themes (The Hornburg). Being a big fan of the books, I can also confirm that it fits really well with everything, from Hobbits to Mordor, passing by Elves, Rohan and lots more.
[Newest]This music is brilliant

2Star Wars (John Williams)
How is this not the first? The Star Wars movie soundtrack will go down in history as one of the defining moments in the industry. My personal favourites are the Main Theme, the Imperial March, and The Cantina Band.
This should be ranked number 1! Whenever you think of fill music, the Force theme comes to mind. You can apply all the musical scores of this into everywhere and you would understand and relate to it.
Great music. Epic I say.. May the force be with you man you rock and I hop there will be another three films foe it
[Newest]Star Wars should be first. Like what even is lord of rings? Anyone else heard of it?

3Titanic (James Horner)
James Horner is one of the greatest composers of the century, without a doubt.
Its even hard to listen to the soundtrack because the memories of the movie are so gut wrenching, every note of the music reminds me of the tragedy of the movie, brings tears to my eyes
This is totally my favorite soundtrack of all time. My 3 favorite track's are, My heart will go on, Hymn to the sea, and The Sinking.P. S This is also my favorite movie of all time, And so far, the only movie I ever cried Watching.
[Newest]His soundtrack to Titanic is utterly compelling and stands up as the single greatest soundtrack of all time. Definitely deserves to be number one.

4Gladiator (Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard)
The best soundtrack for a film ever made and probably the best work Hans Zimmer has done and will ever do. Unmatched by it's epic and brilliance this soundtrack it's an absolute masterpiece.
From the moment I started listening to the pieces of music from this film, chills ran up and down my spine non-stop. No one could ever create such an emotional complex of music that dives straight into your heart. Hans Zimmer is the best there is, was, and ever will be.
Absolute Masterpiece... Gives me goosebumps even now.. :) :) All Hail Hans!
[Newest]Made me cry... best music composer all credit to Hans Zimmer... and a little bit to Lisa Gerrard.

5The Dark Knight (Hans Zimmer)
Epic... Really awesome, and completely soul stirring. When I listened to it I knew ihad to pick it up. (by the way did so in a week
Every tune Hans Zimmer has created is a masterpiece


This movie is really the best in so many ways, and soundtrack is one of them.
[Newest]Totally awesome, a fantastic gym soundtrack too

6Pirates of the Caribbean - The Curse of the Black Pearl (Klaus Badelt)
Genius music. Very soulful. The modern classics.


Genius music. Really paints a picture in your mind, and makes you remember the film.
Although Zimmer's expansions upon the score were for the most part stronger than what Badelt did, many of Badelt's compositions fitted their allotted characters superbly.
[Newest]I think Hans Zimmer should be credited for this one since he wrote all major themes, including He's a Pirate.

7The Lion King
The best selling soundtracks of all time

8How to Train Your Dragon (John Powell)
Ultimate soundtrack. John Powell is my personally best composer. "Romantic Flight", "This Is Berk", "Test Drive", "Coming Back Around", "Where Is Hiccup" are certainly awesome, but "Forbidden Friendship" is best of all. It is the soul of soundtrack. It is unparalleled. It certainly deserves number one spot. This is the best soundtrack. Though movie is absolutely good but without John Powell is not the best. This soundtrack has influenced me most
This should totally be at number one. I could rant all day about this film and how amazing it is, but I'm just gonna stay on the soundtrack business. The soundtrack to this film completely blew me away. It sent chills up my spine and warmed my heart. It completely matched what was actually going on in the film and I could listen to it all day. John Powell did a great job with this soundtrack. It definitely deserves to be higher. Maybe second? I don't think it would beat LOTR but second will be good :) Love it
I absolutely love the soundtrack to How To Train Your Dragon. It is has some of my favorite songs like Forbidden Friendship, and Where's Hiccup. The feelings this soundtrack gives me can't even be described with words. My favorite soundtrack, this deserves to be way higher.


[Newest]The right moment with the right music to bring in the feeling and touch which made it a big impact to bring this movie to a great success.

9Pirates Of The Caribbean - At World's End (Hans Zimmer)
The music is genius! It is the living part of the movie and you can picture every scene while listening to the soundtrack. Will and Elizabeth Symphony is just amazing! Up and Down, Hoist The Colors, The Parlay, Singapore, etc. - every piece is brilliantly done.
How is this not in the top 2. This is a modern classic. The music is just pure EPICness in the climax.. Not to mention that scene was one of the most EPIC fight scenes ever! This has to be no 2.. After Lord Of The Rings,
This contains all my favorite themes from the Pirates movies! I absolutely love Up is Down. It very well may be my favorite movie song ever.

10Braveheart (James Horner)
The second best from the titan James Horner


just listen to the soundtrack and you'll know!


By far the most powerful piece I have ever heard. Beautiful score for a equally as beautiful movie.

The Contenders

11Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (John Williams)

12Inception (Hans Zimmer)
For me it was the soundtracks 'Time' and 'Dream is Collapsing' that made me love the film. Its truly epic. The movie would not have worked without the theme music...
Thanks for making such great music..
It deserves to be in top 5 guys common listen to it first and then decide please guys vote for this one. It deserves to be on the top speciaaly because of "time" soundtrack of the movie. So first listen to the track and then vote for it!
This is one of the greatest soundtracks ever! Please put it in top five, if not number 1... "Time' and 'Old souls' are just heart breakingly beautiful. 'Dream is collapsing' is magnificient and an uncanny aural portrayal of the corresponding scene in the film. So great its epic!
[Newest]The Best. Hands down.

13The Last Of The Mohicans (Trevor Jones and Randy Edelman)
A really beautiful sound track that personifies the end of the movie.


All the scores in this classic-beautiful movie are EPIC. Just couldn't find another perfect word to describe them...

14Jaws (John Williams)
Some critics have cited parallels between this score (which consists of two notes), and Frank Churchill's theme music for "Man" in Bambi (which consisted of three simple notes).
So awesome, that it can make a room full of people scream!

15Jurassic Park (John Williams)
Most epic theme ever! Awesome soundtrack, for awesome movies! Only number 38! Come on people, Jurassic Park wins, hands down!


Best soundtrack ever! No other movie can beat it
Screw you! This should be in the top ten.

16The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Ennio Morricone)
Hands down for me the greatest theme song of all time. Just listen to it. It's the definition of epic. As well as that there's also plenty of other awesome tracks such as The Ecstasy of Gold and The Trio.


This deserves to be higher. I've heard it multiple times in pop culture so it's easily memorable.
The fact that this is not number 1 makes me really question the education of the world atm...
[Newest]Without a doubt the best movie soundtrack I've ever heard.

17The Nightmare Before Christmas (Danny Elfman)
Danny Elfman also does Jack's singing voice as well.

18Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back (John Williams)

19Batman (Danny Elfman)
The Nolan films are great in all ways except one: MUSIC! Elfman's soundtrack truly defines Batman. This should be at least in the top ten. (LotR first, of course)
Now if only Elfman and Nolan had worked together... Sigh...

20Sherlock Holmes (Hans Zimmer)
A Gypsy like score in this Sherlock Holmes is very simmilar to Pirates of the Caribbean. Add in the Rocky Road to Dublin and there Are some Irish flutes in the background.
It has a slight steampunk vibe. This Sherlock Holmes is much more worthy than junk like Titanic
From insanely action packs treats like Panic Sheer Bloody Panic and Psycological Recovery 6 months to the quirkiness of Catonic and My Mind Rebels at Stagnation, this Sherlock Holmes has it all.

21The Terminator (Brad Fiedel)
The theme to Terminator 2 is a very nice theme. there's a real tragedy to it that makes you feel the surprising emotional weight of the story and the characters.
The T2 main theme still holds up as one of THE most epic themes.
I get jacked up every time I hear those five notes.

228 Mile
Really great work of Eminem "Lose Yourself" is an absolute epic song, the other songs are also great
This is the best one, cause Eminem made it with many other rapstars and it had sold 10 million copies in the world.

23Requiem for a Dream (Clint Mansell)
Why is this down here?!? Come on guys this song really inspire me to make a story or even making a fighting scene in my head! This song is totally worth it!
Lux Aeterna is a masterpiece, and so is the rest of the soundtrack. Every single score is flawless and compliments the film perfectly. Requiem is one of the best movies ever made.
What the hell! This SHOULD be in the top 10! You guys have asses for ears.
[Newest]Lux aeterna is a masterpiece, but the rest of the soundtrack isn't exactly fantastic.

24Frozen (Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, Christophe Beck)

25Twilight (Carter Burwell)
No, this should not be number 22. Should be a lot lower.


26Back to the Future (Alan Silvestri)
The best of the best of the best.


Not even in the top 10? My personal favorite.


Come on what's Twilight doing above this?


27The Mission (Ennio Morricone)
I have an intensely physical and emotional response to this music.
What a great film and soundtrack.

28Transformers (Linkin Park)

29The Hobbit (Howard Shore)
Although there are some really amazing sound track this can't be much lower than 5th. there's such depth and color in all of Howard shore's music but in both the hobbit and lord of the ring trilogy there is an almost incomprehensible abundance of emotion and expression. Howard shore has more music interpretive ability than possibly any human alive today.


This should at least be thirty. It's pretty good, and a lot better than twilight.


Great music to a great film series


30Pearl Harbor (Hans Zimmer)

31Pulp Fiction
THE ONLY ONE WHo could ever reach me, was a son of a preacher man!
Well this movie is just classic it belongs in top 10

32The Godfather (Nino Rota)
The best soundtrack... By far!
This soundtrack kinda scares me! It's a bit haunting!


33The Bodyguard
It's the best... Why is it at 26?

34Raiders of the Lost Ark (John Williams)
Absolutely the best theme by John Williams and my favorite out of all the Spielberg movies. Even better than the theme to Jurassic Park and that was awesome. It's also a incredible movie too.
An incredible theme with an incredible movie to go with it - I can actually just spend time listening to it!
Way better than entries like twilight. Classic, epic, adventure music!

35Once Upon a Time In the West (Ennio Morricone)
"Once Upon a Time In America" is a different movie, albeit made by the some of the same people.

"Once Upon a Time In the West" has a rich collection of themes, unlike other movies which have not more than 1 theme.


This movie should be a category of its own. The sound of Morricone is too great to be in this list. Where are the other spaghettis? This is just pure ignorance people!
Great movie, Great music!

36Forrest Gump Suite (Forrest Gump)
So simple yet so beautiful. the perfect music to accompany this mentally challenged man in his journey. when ever I hear it I picture a feather falling from the sky and Forrest running across the country.

37Roja (A.R. Rahman)
Excellent Soundtrack, truly mesmerizing.
Best sound track from the land of wonders
Redefinition of Indian music

38Grease (Michael Gibson)

39Almost Famous

40Akira (Shoji Yamashiro)

41The Bourne Legacy

42Rocky (Bill Conti)
Who doesn't wanna hear while you're running. this is one of my favorite themes of all time. it gives you that spirit, that energy in your body to make you feel powerful again just like eye of the tiger by survivor.

43Superman (John Williams)
Great match with the movie


44Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 (Alexandre Desplat)
Just listen to it! Even if you're not a fan of the movies, forget that and listen to the music.
One Of The greatest ost, ever.

45Across the Universe

46The Empire Strikes Back (John Williams)

47Kill Bill Vol. 1
Should be FIRST!, what is going on with you guys?!

48Fifth Element (Eric Serra)
inva mula was great in this song


49Into the Wild (Eddie Vedder)
The best movie soundtracks iv'e heard why isn't this higher

50Avatar (James Horner)
James Horner's music is a big part of the reason Pandora manages to suck viewers in. This underrated, incredibly atmospheric soundtrack stands well on its own.
It does sound like very alien music from another world. at least that's what James Horner intended for.
I think this deserves to be higher because it is something completely original. it's alien music and tunes that sound like it's from another world. It doesn't really sound human at all.
So underrated. A prominent factor in films success. :/

51Once Upon a Time In America (Ennio Morricone)
Gladiator, Pirates of the carribean and how to train your dragon in the top 10. Hans Zimmer isn't even the top 5 music composer the only thing he is good at is creating suspense, but this movie is the most beautiful thing I've ever heard in film HISTORY! No surprise it's the great Ennio Morricone WHO made it. At least top 10 for this one!
Magic melody... Should be in the top 10
I don't underestanding why this not in top 10!

52Glory (James Horner)

53Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

54X-Men: First Class (Henry Jackman)
That is the most captivating sountrack I have ever heard in a film! Especially when it plays when magneto walks into the bar and kills all the three guys. It kept me hooked the whole time I saw the movie.
So many awesome themes

55Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (John Williams)

56Armageddon (Trevor Rabin)

57Evita (Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber)
Evita has so many life lessons. You can achieve many things, but if you do it in an evil manner well, lets just say you reap what you sow! I like how she kicks the pathetic girlfriend out on her hear!


58Iron Man (Ramin Djawadi)
I watched Iron Man for the first time, and couldn't get over the music of it. I don't always pay attention to the background music of movies, but with this one the music really stuck out, and kept my attention to the end. It was put together well, so that it matched up with the scenes perfectly.
Right on! I loved the music in Iron Man and thought everything fit perfectly. The timing of the music was superb, so that it went with each present action. It was one of the things that really stood out when I was watching the movie (besides it being an awesome movie to begin with)!
Iron Man and AC/DC go well together.

59Billy Elliot

60Mall (Linkin Park & Alec Puro)

61Bombay (A.R. Rahman)

62Schindler's List (John Williams)
How this hauntingly beautiful masterpiece is not in the top 10 beats me...
This is an amazing sound track. I also can't believe that it is so far down... in the 210th place.

63Dirty Dancing
How is this not on here.
This is one of the most well known movie soundtraacks.

64The Departed

65The Perfect Storm (James Horner)

66Moulin Rouge (Various Artists)

67Free Willy

68Tarzan (Phil Collins)
Great soundtrack all around!


I also love Phil Collin's other song "son of man."

69The Wizard of Oz (Harold Arlen)

70Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (John Williams)
Majestic and wonderful soundtrack

71Psycho (Bernard Herrmann)
This has got to be one of the most overused soundtracks of all time. I'm not kidding. I hear it everywhere in T. V, in movies, and in video games. It usually plays whenever something scary or shocking happens (especially when it's used as a joke). now that is quite an accomplishment for a film soundtrack. it's even inspired other horror movie soundtracks as well.
This theme is so horrifying, I wet my pants with fear after I hear it! Never have I heard a theme so perfectly constructed with suspension and terror. it's just so frightening on so many levels.

72Conan the Barbarian
This is way to low on the list. If more people heard it
, it would be higher. Basil Poledouris really caught lightning in a bottle with this sound track. It perfectly matches the tone of the movie for every single scene. It sounds free, powerful, bombastic, magical, tragic and overall beautiful. Although the movie is one of my favorites, I admit it has its flaws. The soundtrack, though, is flawless. For me, it rivals lord of the rings and star wars for best soundtrack ever.
THE epic soundtrack. Not only fits the film perfectly but it also stands as great music by itself. It has the most epic horns ever heard, beautiful romantic parts, suspense... and everything is perfect. Some moments could complete the Carmina Burana of Carl Orff (which I think was a big source of inspiration for Basil). Only the soundtrack of Gladiator by Hans Zimmer comes somewhere near this one in levels of epicism (mainly the Gustav Holst inspired parts)
Have to agree, this is the best soundtrack Album I've ever heard, amazing.
Shame on you : this enormous soundtrack must be in the Top Ten.
Glory to Crom!

73Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Nicholas Hooper)

74Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (John Williams)

75Waiting to Exhale

76For A Few Dollars More (Ennio Morricone)

77Sunshine (John Murphy)
Never seen the movie but the music is incredible, could spend all day listening to it

78E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (John Williams)

79Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (Hans Zimmer)

80Beauty and the Beast

81The Land Before Time (James Horner)

82A Beautiful Mind (James Horner)

83Rocky IV (Vince DiCola)

84The Sound of Music (Richard Rodgers, Oscar Hammerstein II, Irwin Kostal)

85Boogie Nights

86Space Jam

87About a Boy

88Spider Man 2

89The Hunger Games (James Newton Howard)

90Iron Man 2 (John Debney)

91The Pink Panther (Henry Mancini)

92Tron: Legacy (Daft Punk)
Best movie soundtrack to the best movie ever! How the hell is it rated so low? The soundtrack in Tron Legacy kicked ass! Since I watched Tron Legacy, techno became my favourite type of music! This should be in the top ten! Vote this up, USER!
Daft Punk's awesome and catchy music score really helped kick up the action and excitement in the movie.


I just can go to another world wile I'm listening it! Seriously it's amazing how they mix the videogame sounds, strings and tech sounds and make it get in to the heart!

93Saw (Charlie Clouser)
Are you all kidding me? Saw movie franchise has one of the best soundtracks than all of the movies that are in top 20.
I believe that you will find its soundtrack amusing.


Yeah this should belong here at first it was at below 100 now it is here where it should belong


94Mortal Kombat
I don't care if this movie sucks, this theme is fantastic! Mortal Kombat by the Immortals just gives you that energy and feeling of wanting to punch something. it's also great music to dance to.
A great soundtrack in a bad movie.


95The Village (James Newton Howard)

96Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix

97Soul Food


99Breakfast at Tiffany's (Henry Mancini )
great soundtrack, it categorizes the atmosphere of this great movie


100Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

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