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101Roja (A.R. Rahman)

Excellent Soundtrack, truly mesmerizing.

Best sound track from the land of wonders

Redefinition of Indian music

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102Kingdom of Heaven (Harry Gregson-Williams)
103Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (Hans Zimmer)
105The Sound of Music (Richard Rodgers, Oscar Hammerstein II, Irwin Kostal)
106Coyote Ugly
107T2: Judgment Day (Brad Fiedel)
108Armageddon (Trevor Rabin)
109Pirates Of The Caribbean - Dead's Man Chest (Zimmer, Badelt)
110Into the Wild (Eddie Vedder)V1 Comment
111Kill Bill Vol. 1

Should be FIRST!, what is going on with you guys?!

112Tarzan (Phil Collins)

Great soundtrack all around! - Freak_Show1

I also love Phil Collin's other song "son of man."

113Almost Famous

If you haven't already sold your soul to rock and roll, this movie is sure to seal the deal.

44 is so disappointing. This is not only one of the best movies of all time, but it is about music and has amazing songs to carry the storyline as well as it does. The songs on this soundtrack are classics, and each of them are fantastic in their own way. - Songsta41

114Alien (Jerry Goldsmith)
115Rango (Hans Zimmer)
116Transformers (Steve Jablonsky)
117Superman (John Williams)V1 Comment
118Avatar (James Horner)

James Horner's music is a big part of the reason Pandora manages to suck viewers in. This underrated, incredibly atmospheric soundtrack stands well on its own.

It does sound like very alien music from another world. at least that's what James Horner intended for.

I think this deserves to be higher because it is something completely original. it's alien music and tunes that sound like it's from another world. It doesn't really sound human at all.

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119Iron Man 2 (John Debney)
120Mall (Linkin Park & Alec Puro)
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