Best Movie Witches


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Lamia (Michelle Pfeiffer) - Stardust

Great and very underrated fantasy movie. Michelle's performance made it. She was believable and memorable


2Claudia Hoffman (Sigourney Weaver) - Snow White: A Tale of Terror

3Elspeth (Madonna) - Four Rooms

Many people criticized Madonna's acting here but I loved her in Four Rooms. She looked interesting and hot. Also, her acting wasn't bad. I think


4Asa Vajda (Barbara Steele) - Black Sunday

Dangerously beautiful, sexy and so memorable witch from classic horror movie directed by legendary Mario Bava


5Abigail Williams (Winona Ryder) - The Crucible
Technically, The Crucible is not a movie about witches, but it's based on the real life events that resulted in the hanging of 19 people accused of witchcraft in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692. In the movie, Abigail Williams has been scorned by John Proctor after their affair and, as a result, she starts rumors of witchcraft.


6Sally Owens (Sandra Bullock) - Practical Magic

Not my favorite movie about witches but Sandra did a great job


7Marisa Coulter (Nicole Kidman) - The Golden Compass

Fine performance but the witch in this film was Serafina Pekkala. Unless you're using the word witch in another context.

Critics were too harsh to this film. I'm more into Sci-Fi but this fantasy movie was decent and Kidman looked great


8Sarah Bailey (Robin Tunney) - The Craft

I love the way Robin played her


9Queen Narissa (Susan Sarandon) - Enchanted

I was very excited to see wonderful Susan Sarandon in such an interesting role. She was gorgeous in this film. Real witch


10Winifred 'Winnie' Sanderson (Bette Midler) - Hocus Pocus

Great Bette Midler was stunning here


The Contenders

11Elvira (Cassandra Peterson) - Elvira: Mistress of the Dark

12Serafina Pekkala (Eva Green) - The Golden Compass

13The Witch - Suspiria

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