Best Movies of 2002

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The Top Ten

This Film Should Be at Number 1. Since It's the Blockbuster Superhero
Movie. By: Sam Raimi.
One of the best superhero movies of all time


The renaissance of comic book movies


2The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
The Second movie from the trilogy of the decade


Better then spiderman give me a break


3The Pianist
An excellent movie about the struggles off a pianist to survival in the 2nd World War


4Minority Report

5The Bourne Identity

6Gangs of New York

Really good movie and deserves to be where it is at #3

8Catch Me if You Can
This Was Alright Since Spielberg was the
Producer & had Tom Hanks.
Leo DiCaprio + Tom Hank = Masterpiece

9Two Weeks Notice
This is an excellent movie, it's funny, romantic and Sandra Bullock's acting as per usual was amazing!


108 Mile
Best movie of 2002.. but I did love spiderman but this movie is just the movie. I relate to it on personal levels and the struggles he went through.


This film brings out what true rap is all about, the acting not only from Eminem, but everyone's is awesome! And it's so realistic, all the struggles and problems it's just so amazing, my favorite film of all time.
This movie is so interesting and I like the rap battles


The Contenders

11Ice Age
The First Film Of this Animated
Masterpiece. For the Very First Time.

12Panic Room

13Lilo and Stitch

14Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Best movie series of all time as well as Best book series too

This movie is amazing
Richard Gere prooves he can do musicals. Which is more than what I can say for the Mamma Mia trio Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth and Stellan Skarsgard

16Road to Perdition

17The Ring

18Mr. Deeds

19Maid in Manhattan


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