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21Kung Fu Panda 2
22Rise of the Apes

Weak year for movies, can't think of a better one.

This movie was totally awesome

23Final Destination 5V1 Comment
24Real Steel

This story is about robot fighting and the underdog, Atom knocked down the champ,
Zeus, having a nickname The People's Champion. His pint sized trainer, Max really rocks and he's funny and a genius and he says something to whatever Charlie says.

Who does'nt love fighting robots where the under dog become an extreamaly good fighter?

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25Midnight in Paris

Very beutiful and interesting film. One of the best about time travel - FerdinandO_o

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26The Smurfs

I love this movie!

27The Adventures of Tintin

Awesome! As a big fan of the tintin books I knew the movie was great. Hopefully there's a second one

28The Artist

Won of the best films I have ever scene. How the hell is Transformers 3 on this list?!

29The Cabin In the Woods
30Fast Five

Bed movie of the franchise! Should be #1 how is transformers number 1?

Uum lemme take a wild shot at this... Because it's an awesome movie!

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31The Help

Why is is not higher on this list?! This is honestly the best movie of the 21rst century in my opinion!

32Scream 4
33The Inbetweeners Movie

The only downside to this movie, if there ever was such a thing, is that it has inspired a whole load of upcoming movies based on cult T.V. series. For better or worse remains to be seen, but the rumours are that there's a movie version of that awful reality show The Only Way is Essex on it's way. Thankfully this movie isn't exactly bad on the pecking order of movies based on T.V. shows.

34The Lincoln Lawyer
36Cowboys & Aliens
37MoneyballV1 Comment
38Crazy, Stupid, Love
39Take Shelter
40Happy Feet Two
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