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101Is This A Joke?
102Out of the FurnaceV1 Comment
104The Purge

One of the most creative and disturbing movie I've ever seen!

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A beautiful and moody look at death and those who mete it out.

106Don Jon

One of the better horror movies that has come out in recent time. Mama is a suspenseful and beautiful horror film with a terrific Jessica Chastain. The supporting cast works perfectly fine, especially the kids. The entity Mama was awesomely scary in a fairytale-like way. A surprisingly stylish looking horror movie with a great soundtrack that has a good amount of scares and story.

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108The Last Stand

Arnold always great he is the best Action actor I love this movie so much it's number two for me
1- Warm bodies

Though it wasn't the best, there's no denying it was a nice movie. :) But there are some other movies up thete that I really like too. - PlatinumTheHitgirl

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109Ek Thi Daayan
110All Is LostV1 Comment
111Dark Skies

One of the best films I've seen!

112HomefrontV1 Comment
113Jack the Giant Slayer
114Aashiqui 2

75th? Really? Deserves number 1 position. It's the best of best! Adithya and shraddha are rocking. Such a fantastic movie..

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Should be higher up among the list!

Sure it may be a remake, but its still amazing! Julianne Moore was great! So was Chloƫ Grace Moretz.

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116The East

Thanks to give a new role to kamal sir I this movie

One of the best movie. Different plot and a intelligent plot

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118Gimme Shelter
119Race 2
120Phata Poster Nikla Hero
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