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181Flowers In The Attic
182Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return
183The Homesman
185Very Good Girls
186The Hobbit: There and Back Again

This title was changed to battle of five armies and battle of five armies is already on here.

Why is THIS here? It's not even called "There and Back Again" anymore.

First one was fine second one was very dissaponiting so I don't want to see this one

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187The Monuments Men

Saw it last night. Not really Oscar worthy but such great subject matter. - comicoco

188One Direction: Where We Are - The Concert Film
189My Little Pony: Rainbow RocksV1 Comment

This was absolutely hilarious


I have nightmares about this movie

Good horror movie and it's real people believe it

192Gravity ** delete, 2013
193I, Frankenstein

I really liked this movie it showed that he wasn't just a monster

194Vampire Academy
195Sex Tape

I think the trailer looks good but I think the actual movie is terrible, in my opinion. I haven't see it yet only the trailer.

196The Legend of Hercules

Isn't this the movie that got a big, fat three percent on rotten tomatoes?

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197The Brittany Murphy Story

I know I'm totally in the minority, but I thought this one was really fun. I feel the cast does a good job, the music is catchy, and the story is a pretty well-told and extremely likable adaptation of the play with the 21st century in mind.

I'm saddened that a film that gave me such a heartwarming experience was a bad one for so many others, and certainly feel that it doesn't deserve to be below Transformers 4, the Nut Job, or Age of Extinction. Or at least to get some of the appreciation I personally feel it deserves. Here's looking toward tomorrow, come what may.

A handful of people that said it sucked is racist ('cause, you know! ) - Puppycutsies

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