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61 Locke Locke

Up until this point I'd never seen a movie that literally took my breath away, but this movie's raw emotional power and daring story did it for me. I can't believe this isn't higher up.

Couldn't watch the full movie. The whole movie was in a car. - zxm

62 The Double The Double

This movie will crawl in your head and won't leave. Jesse Eisenberg is great in his roles, and this strange alternate universe is creepy but epic. You'll need to spend some time figuring out the end, but it's great. Must-watch for anyone with half a brain.

63 A Million Ways to Die In the West A Million Ways to Die In the West

This isn't better than the Lego movie the Lego movie is the best movie ever and this is just stupid It's a Rip-off of Jackass

It was funny and dumb but in a cool way but not as good as the dictator or deadpool

Seth MacFarlane is outstanding

The most crazy script ever

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64 Oculus Oculus

It wasn't that good...

65 Her Her
66 This Is Where I Leave You This Is Where I Leave You
67 P.K.

P. K is the out standing movie of the year.

Really Amazing. A mix of Fun, Emotion and Adventure it must be in top 10 at least

Its dramatic revelation of religion and God couldn't be better showcased

What a great movie the story is beautiful

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68 Selma

It might be the greatest historical drama of all time.

It's GOOD. Like, Shawshank Redemption good.

Not to mention CRAZILY relevant to the problems in Ferguson, MI right now.

How is this not #1?

69 Draft Day Draft Day V 1 Comment
70 The Judge The Judge

Really good drama. A lot of drama movies now days are garbage, but this is really good movie to watch

Really liked this movie… hits home with family, and what it means to do for Family!

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71 The Guest The Guest

Just got done watching this movie. It wasn't too bad. I thought the main character played a great role as a pyscho

72 The Nut Job The Nut Job

This movie was horrible! Why is it on here - hubahuba7

Over the hedge is better and less overrated than than this copy of that movie.

Whoever likes this movie obviously has no taste for cinema.

Get this off the list the Top Tens!

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73 Dumb and Dumber To Dumb and Dumber To

Why is the Nut Job higher?

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74 Alexander and the Horrible Terrible Bad Day Alexander and the Horrible Terrible Bad Day

This movie was much better than I expected it to be.

This was a great movie so everyone should vote for this

Funny movie. All good except Bella Thorne

I love this movie. - Powerfulgirl10

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75 Expelled Expelled V 1 Comment
76 The Giver The Giver

This is a great movie should be in top 20 - Hahashorty

77 The Book Thief

I have literally seen NONE of these movies.

It's a great movie but it released in 2013, not 2014 - zxm

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78 Ask Me Anything Ask Me Anything

Can you remove this movie?

79 Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie

Why no one included this on the list is beyond me. It has great comedy, a good story, cool characters, it's marvelous. Go check it out.

80 The Other Woman The Other Woman

This was a very funny movie! I just don't know why they put the Barbie in it lml nicki manaj

Great Movie, very Funny! Chic Flick.. this is modern remake of classic… worth seeing!

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