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61The Woman In Black 2: Angel of DeathV2 Comments
62The Duff

Loved this one! Good story line, bit like freaky Friday but less cool

Worst movie. It doesn't even deserve to be on this list. It's also a but to overrated. Just a bit though.

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This is better than every movie in this list, except for Spotlight, Room and The Revenant

Really people this movie needs more votes! #Southpaw.

52? Seriously?! Please get this higher!

! I want to see this so badly! I already know I'll love it!

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Tits and fast cars. All you need in a real man's breakfast. Me and my mates went to see this film. I masturbated the whole time. Vince is really hot. I wish I was hot and good at acting like him so I could get some real women instead of the frumpy cows and trannies I get at the moment.
Good film. Good use of mise-en-scene and there is clearly a scene which is an homage to the work of Eisenstein and his work with editing which became the soviet montage movement. Big fan. 5 stars.

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Yes! Of course! A movie above the trolls is more exciting then Jurassic World and Furious 7 and the next Terminator movie, of course it isn't! Why is it even in this list - Thevcrewgeeks

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66Hotel Transylvania

Wait... this came out in 2012! Why is this on a 2015 list?

I think that the person who put this up here is either blind or is living in a world where everything is 4 years in the past.

Who ever made this the their a big fat NOOB!

Why is this movie even here

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67Steve Jobs

Come on, even if you are saturated on the subject, you cannot overlook Michael Fassbender. He is brilliant in this role!

Steve Jobs is dead already, why would you make a movie while he's dead

Brilliant movie. It showed Steve as the awful person he really was.

So underrated

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That movie should be on the worst movies of 2015

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All I can say is 1982, see the both of them and be the judge, that one is probably better with Heather O Roarke RIP - theCARS7897

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70Taken 3

I loved it! But have to admitt that parts 1 and 2 were better but then again, it was still cool to watch...

I thought it was good, until the ending.


This movie was released in 2014! Selma really tells the tale of how Black Americans got voting rights. Some scenes were really depressing especially in the beginning where those girls and boy got blown up but overall, the movie is great! - davakoh

Great directors debut this film should have been in the top ten this film should have won best picture

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This movie looks really awesome but nobody seen it yet?

So awesome. Tells the story of the 1996 Everest disaster

This is actually the best film ever seen how on earth is it so loww

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73Knock Knock
75Hot Tub Time Machine 2

I really wanted to see this movie a second time because it was so good

This movie was hilarious! Should be higher for sure!

Holy "Can I slam it on James' balls" This movies wicked. Definitely needed to be higher.

Super underrated. How did The Duff beat this?

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77The Visit

I love horror movies so this Is 1 of my favorites so u need to watch this NOW!

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78Black MassV3 Comments
79Kung Fury
80Daddy's Home

"this dog is named tumor because of how much he grows on you"

Put all the funny parts on Commercials

I was only ten when I watched this I loved the penis scenes! LOL

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