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121 Magic Mike XXL Magic Mike XXL V 1 Comment
122 Max Max

This movie had its sad parts but I loved this movie that dog is a friend and a hero

I really want to watch this movie I wasn't able to watch it yet I'm so sad I really hope I'm able to watch it

Yes! Made me cry about like 10 times! So powerful

I loved this! Made me cry...Such a good dog!

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123 Uppi 2
124 Rangitaranga

Mysterious events begin to unfold after a reclusive novelist and his wife move back to her ancestral village, followed by a journalist.

125 The D Train The D Train

Jack Black and James Marsden were great in this film! - Weasltown

126 Looney Tunes: Rabbits Run Looney Tunes: Rabbits Run

Oh God... What on earth... Well... Let's just move on...

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127 Staten Island Summer Staten Island Summer V 1 Comment
128 Where to Invade Next
129 We Are Still Here We Are Still Here

How in the hell has this movie not been added to the list by now. Very nostalgic of classic 80's films but something new and fresh.

130 Turbo Kid Turbo Kid
131 Infinitely Polar Bear Infinitely Polar Bear

It's a quite unique story about a eccentric and bipolar father taking care of children.

132 Regular Show: The Movie Regular Show: The Movie

Fantastic movie for any Regular Show fan.

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133 Dark Places Dark Places
134 Self/Less Self/Less

Haven't seen it yet but my parents loved it

V 1 Comment
135 Concussion Concussion

Will Smith is amazing in this movie!

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136 Batman vs Robin Batman vs Robin

Never heard of this is releasing in 2015.

137 Cake Cake
138 Victor Frankenstein Victor Frankenstein

Charles Xavier and Harry Potter join forces to make the best ever fam! So awesome to be honest in my opinion

139 Safelight Safelight
140 Suffragette Suffragette V 1 Comment
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