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141Victor Frankenstein

Charles Xavier and Harry Potter join forces to make the best ever fam! So awesome to be honest in my opinion

143SuffragetteV1 Comment
144Invisible Sister
145Jenny's Wedding
146The Flintstones & WWE: Stone Age Smackdown!
147Curious George 3: Back to the Jungle
148What We Do In the Shadows
150American Ultra
151The Marine 4: Moving Target
152The Boy Next Door
154Wild Card

This is the worst movie from Jason Statham.

156The Finest Hours
157Bad Hair Day

Bad hair day I like this movie cause I have the same problem I am always breaking my shoes and I have bad hair days

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158Teen Beach Movie 2

So many music in it. But it is not that bad

Someone gets eaten by a shark mermaid hybrid. The end.

It's as if it has no story board at all

I liked it in the first one

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159Unfinished Business

Good comedy film! - Weasltown

160Barbie In Princess Power

Never watched it and never will, this looks like the most cheesy movie known to man... Oh God the ideas that film creators come up with these days...

Never heard of it, never watched it, but from judging it, it looks cheesy.

It dose not deserve 144...It needs to be last

Pretty good film! - Weasltown

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