Top Ten Best Movies of the 21st Century


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1The Dark Knight

This movie definitely has the most evil villain you can imagine - this guy is crazy. No, actually he isn't: The Joker is nothing more than a bank robber and assassin, but the best one ever "created". Late Heath Ledger justly won his Oscar for the best supporting actor. This movie has the best and most twisted story I know, in which the good guys turn bad and prisoners become heroes. The Batman himself is the Dark Knight who saves lives without anyone saying thank you. This movie shows an unbelievable character development and is just perfect.

Never seen so many plots overlapping each other, n finally each every plot superimposed each other to give us great climax

Every time I watch this it feels like there is a new story in it... We can watch from various perspectives as well, 1) Batman (of course) 2) Bruce 3)2face 4) joker 5) gordon and 6) rachel... All are awesome stories brought together by a wonderful storyteller.

Best movie of all time.

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2The Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King

It's unfair to split the Lord of the Rings because Tolkien meant for it to be all one book. And the movies too should truly be considered one massive film, which if it were the case, would EASILY top this list.

Nevertheless, LOTR: ROTK deserves to be #1. Dark Knight is fantastic, and I absolutely love it, but nothing beats the Return of the King.

There was a reason it clean-sweeped the Oscars.

A legendary epic, The Dark Knight was great but Return of the King was a benchmark in history.

Surprised that even when so much had to be covered in so less time - and the movie did last long for more than 3 hours - it still lived up to the high standards of the book. Skillfully made and aptly directed. The actors too have executed their task well. - TheSudhanva

The best of the best

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People, are you serious? There's no way how any one of they movies are better than inception... Perfect shot... Best storyline I've ever seen... Great acting... Amazing action... Just a perfect movie... It was as interesting as it was confusing but in this movie it is a good thing

I love all the movies above this, but this is my favorite movie. Full of action, but revolved around story. Amazing character development. Even more amazing movie overall. - Jammer196

Love this movie! And human centipede is just plain disturbing..

The best movie should be after the dark knight

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4The Departed

Should be 2nd, this movie had Jack Nicholson one of the best actors of all time time.

LOL! I never watched this movie, and Jack Nicholson and Leonardo De? AWESOME!

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5The Avengers

I have watched this movie over and over again.

Best superhero movie of all time - jeremyelmkies

Bombed it the is should be number 1

This is my 5th Favorite Movie. Madagascar is Number 4, Alvin and The Chipmunks are Number 3, Wreck it Ralph is Number 2, and Diary of a Wimpy Kid is Number 1.

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Hell on earth was not number 1 on the list it's a work of art and for the love of god way twilight number 5. Twilight sucks people

Really! Twilight is above gladiator?! One of the best movies, watched it like ten times and still not bored.

Amazing story and acting, its really a Jewel, probably one of my favourite movies of all time

Not entirely historically accurate, but I was definitely not, NOT entertained!

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7No Country for Old Men

You have no idea how brilliant this movie is unless you've seen it. Go fo it - I call it Human Terminator - Part I. - redgedawson

Perhaps the best movie ever! Should be at the very top of this list. This is no "kids" movie like the bat man stuff--I mean come on, are you kidding me?

How is Human Centipede and Pirates of the Caribbean above this?

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Let's go blue people! (No offense if I hurt somebody feeling or something)

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9The Human Centipede II, Full Sequence

This movie is not even classed because it is to much disgusting! - Olive855

You literally have GOT to be kidding me.

How is this in 8th! This movie SUCKS

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10Django Unchained

My friend watched the movie, he suggested that I call him Django Freemen

Definitely the best movie I've ever seen, chrisoph waltz plays king schultz amazingly and you have no chice but to love him!

Quinten tarrentino is the greatest director ever in the past 30 years

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?Flushed Away
?Children of Men

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11Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest

A good mix of action adventure and comedy. A stellar cast including Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley all in a well written plot. Defiantly a franchise favourite...

I watched it with my dad when it first came out when I was around maybe five. - funnyuser

Quite the thriller. May not be the absolute best but definitely one of them.
Interesting to see twilight here. Cannot imagine who would call it good acting though.

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12There Will Be Blood

Amazing actor.. Daniel Day Lewis's performance is brilliant It takes a talented person to make a great film, but it takes an even more talented one to know when to say enough is enough. This is a film by Paul Thomas Anderson that has overshot the runway of movie modernity with something thrillingly, dangerously new...

Besides Mulholland Dr. , this is the best film of the decade. It is a great epic and a great masterpiece with an amazing performance by Day-Lewis. Anderson's seminal film, and one of the best ever made, probably in the top ten and even the top five.

Triple Oscar winning actor Daniel Day-lewis puts in an exceptional performance in this mind-blowing thriller.

13The Maze RunnerV1 Comment
14Pacific Rim

Apart from the love and all those stuff, there is a wonderful scene of action in the climax. But why isn't the entire Series here.

Nice story, love, action, thrill and even fantasy.

I love this movie not because it is fantastic, but also for kristen stewart

NO I thought I'd vote no!

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16The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

These are all superhero fanboys voting these I mean seriously half of the top ten are fanboy movies!

Really?! This is the best move that ever existed and if you can't see that you are stupid just stupid stupid stupid. This is far better than
The dick knight rises garbage.

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17The Dark Knight Rises

The person who claims it to be worst, has no knowledge about films

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18Wreck-It Ralph

I'm gonna wreck it! No, let me fix it!

19Spirited Away

Never got tired of watching this

The best movie ever I mean it was revolutionary

20Ender's Game
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