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1 Scary Movie 3 Scary Movie 3

Funniest movie in the world. I love the part when the president is punching all those people. - DrRyAn

Funny when Brenda started to fight the little girl laugh out loud

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2 Scary Movie Scary Movie

This is the perfect way to start a movie series. Brenda is so funny in this and she kind of deserved to die in this. - DrRyAn

Number 3 is good but sometimes you have to stick with the original.

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3 Scary Movie 2 Scary Movie 2

I can't stop laughing at the basketball part. This is Brenda's best out of all the Scary Movies - DrRyAn

I liked how the clown was under the bed and tryed to scare the guy - Eminem50CentFanForLife

4 Scary Movie 5

This is actually funny when Dan removes Ashley punk's wig and fake tattoo

I haven't even scene this movie yet but I know I'm going to love it. - DrRyAn

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5 Scary Movie 4 Scary Movie 4

Much funny when someone say pee-pee vagina and so sad when a child killed by soul - KittyMeow

I couldn't stop laughing when Cindy is boxing. - DrRyAn

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