Best Movies With Three Words In the Title


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The Top Ten

The Dark Knight
The Shawshank Redemption was kinda BORING.. It doesn't stand a chance compared to The Dark Knight! This movie had brilliant screenplay, a tense script, and hell, Heath Ledger changed my perception of The Joker! Number One forevah!

2The Shawshank Redemption

3The Little Mermaid

4Big Hero 6

5The Lion King

6Oliver & Company

712 Angry Men

8The Jungle Book

9The Usual Suspects

10Into the Woods

The Contenders

11Toy Story 3

12American History X
EDWARD NORTON IS MY FAVORITE ACTOR. 1) THE INCREDIBLE HULK 2) American History X 3) Fight Club 4)25th Hour 5) The Scroe 6) Red Dragon.

13Toy Story 2

14My Neighbor Totoro

15Saving Private Ryan

16Silver Linings Playbook

17Lilo & Stitch

18The Green Mile

19The Sixth Sense

20Full Metal Jacket

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