The Notebook


The best romantic movie I ever saw because it's so that they are in love that the distance brought them back together and that the memory of his wife came back together it's so distance that they are meant to be together

A must see a movie.. At first the title is not really interesting, but after you watched the movie, it is really awesome, your tear will drop voluntarily, what you are waiting for, if you want to cry, this film is for you duds.

This is the best romantic movie I have ever watched. Love to watch it again n again. Whenever I watch this movie I feel more love for my girlfriend. I wish we"ll always be together till death. Very touchy movie.

this is a really great movie ,,it is what i would call the Perfect Love Story....all the right elements....

oh my gosh this movie is so sad but I love it I have seen it 3 times definitely the best - cheerluvr

this is my favorite movie of all time.
i love the romance, and the story.
it is so cute!
- ammawesome

This movie is super duper! For me it's my second greatest romantic movie after Titanic!

this is the most heartfelt story ever! it has a bit if everything, drama, humor, suspense and great actors.

This movie is #1 all the way! I love everything about this movie, although I cry every time I watch it!

the best love story ever I cry through the whole movie every time I watch it - perrysladyluv

This movie makes me drown in my tears. It's the most perfect romantic movie ever. It's so amazing!

this move is soooo sweet and beautiful and sad, i loved it!!!

This movie has to much kissing I did not like this movie I do not like romance films

you'll wish your love story will be as great as their's - g2manalo51

Yes it's a tearjerker and a great love story

Yup one of my favourite romantic movie.

I love love LOVE this movie! It's so sad. =(

Best movie of all time... Noah & Allie

Umm hello this should b in the top 10

Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams are good. James Garner and Gena Rowland's were even better.

In this movie I cryed like a baby, I have never cried so badly in my life