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261Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory

The book is better than the movie

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262Men in Black 3

Way better than the other 2 films in the franchise.

263A Nightmare on Elm Street

Five stars for the First Nightmare on Elm Street!

Best movie ever. Everything about it was good. I'll never forget the sound effects. I was scared to go to sleep afterwards. - birdechosplash

Why is this below the crappy 2010 remake? This movie is damn near perfection. Creepy, intriguing and classic!

Probably my 2nd favorite horror movie - Ajkloth

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264X-Men: First Class

Who put this below days of future past?

265The Great Mouse Detective
266All Dogs Go to HeavenV1 Comment
267Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
268The Apartment
269Kingdom of Heaven

Great story, historical inspiring - and heavily underestimated

great story, awesome battle scenes, and amazing acting

Got a 39% which is should of gotten about 80-90% and this movie is really well done. - Metts

270The Bourne Identity

This movie was amazing! The acting was incredible and i dont know why it wasnt on here in the first place. - biac000

Bourne kicks *. the trilogy is the best ever. great storyline. a little hard to follow.

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The Coen Brothers' best film by far. Funny, interesting, and clever. A triumph.

A very Good Movie. Fargo should rise higher in time!

Great Movie That Won an Academy Award!

WOW, #269. I'm shocked. This deserves better.

272The Last Samurai

How is this movie not even in the top 100?! It is every bit as good as Braveheart and in my opinion is one of the most touching war movies/epics of all time. Fantastic film!

To me this is an amazing movie that symbolizes honor and not forgetting the past...


Amazing movie. Inspired me to become a better musician

Get this to the top 50 immediately come on people VOTE

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Nobody can just watch Watchmen Ultimate Cut edition once, you have to watch it over and over again. The best movie ever. Period.

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275L.A. Confidential

Excellent tribute to film noir. Rather complex but understandable plot, involving police corruption, the "seamy underside" of 1940's Hollywood, political chicanery, tabloid journalism, and a dash of racism. Outstanding acting, especially by Kevin Spacey, Russell Crowe, and Denny DeVito. Another must see!

The mystery of this movie was great,how russel crowe found the criminal - zxm

276Hotel Transylvania

I was cracking up so badly. Please watch this if you haven't yet. Laugh out loud

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277Fast & Furious 6

The best racing movie of all time!

Obviously you've never seen the movie Rush? It's way better than this movie.

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278Star Trek Into DarknessV1 Comment
279The Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
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