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281The Bridges of Madison County

awesome movie. made me think a whole day that how love can be so intense that it helps one to survive with the essence of it for the rest of her life. a must watch

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282The Green Hornet

One of the best movie I ever seen... Horror thriller suspense everything in the movie truly awesome


I've seen it a lot, but it's so so good!

At least it's better than frozen

285The Little Mermaid

This animated film from Walt Disney Pictures follows a mermaid princess who dreams of becoming human. The story shows the dangers of prejudice, following your dreams and your heart, and finding true love.

She left behind her family for good who loved her to be with a man she barely knew. And when she says "daddy I love him' it is ridiculous. That wasn't love, that was a celebrity crush.

The under the sea song is catchy - Ajkloth

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286Ramona and BeezusV3 Comments
28713 Going On 30
289Charlotte's Web (1973)

A beautiful and heartwarming story about true friendship. It shows how a friend can safe a life even if it means giving their own. Belongs in the Top 25.

I barely remember watching this movie but I liked this movie as a kid - Ajkloth

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290School of Rock

Great movie with jack black where he trys to be a sub. teacher.

This movie is not good it is one of the worst jack black movies ever

For those about to rock, put this in the top 10!

One of the best movie ever!

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Legendary movie, deserves to be at least top 10

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Amazing movie. Inspired me to become a better musician

Get this to the top 50 immediately come on people VOTE

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293Edward Scissorhands

perhaps the greatest tim burton film ever this film never fails to please

You don't know if you should cry or laugh, so you do both! - DrHoney

294Toy Story 2

Toy Story 2 had some of the saddest moments in animated films. I mean, its perhaps the best sequel ever, along side with Toy Story 3.

Toy story and toy story 3 are better but this is good too - Ajkloth

295Johnny English RebornV2 Comments
296The Outsiders

Reading the book then watching the movie made me realize how similar they both are. The outsiders is a classic and a truly awesome movie.

It will blow your mind how many great actors came from this movie

How is this 321? it may not be as good as the novel, but it's still amazing

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298Ocean's Eleven

Amazing actors. Amazing story. Amazing filming, photography, etc... But oh, oh, the dialogue. Nothing can beat the chemistry between all these characters. It's got a character that's hard to find in movies today.

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299The Help

Amazing story line, as well as great acting by all.

This film should of got best picture

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300Godzilla: Final Wars
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