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281The Graduate

On first seeing this in the late 1960s I followed it around my area to see it another 10 times in different cinemas. I LOVED IT! It's my absolute NUMBER ONE movie of all time. I never tire of watching it on video tape then later on DVD. I wanted to drive over the Bay Bridge in an open top Alfa, just like Ben, but it took me over 25 years to be able to do so (I live in the UK), although sadly it wasn't in a convertible - but still a sports car. A great, great movie.

Where have you been Mrs Robbinson... Unforgettable performance of the young Dustin Hoffman. Love the songs. - funkymonkey

This film was one of the most popular hits of the 60's, and was reasonably funny with some good moments

Too much middle class Americana for my taste, but brilliant acting and one of the best soundtracks ever.

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282The Bourne Supremacy

Very well made. Excellent acting. Such a good movie. - biac000

283Enemy of the State

best will smith movie, accomplished actor...need i say more

284The Sandlot

It's a great sports movie This movie isn't on my top 20 list but it was good

Best and most funniest movie I have ever seen

Great movie should at least be in top 20

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285The Bridges of Madison County

awesome movie. made me think a whole day that how love can be so intense that it helps one to survive with the essence of it for the rest of her life. a must watch

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One of the best movie I ever seen... Horror thriller suspense everything in the movie truly awesome


Great movie, touches on sensitive subjects like racism and stereotypes but still doesn't turn it into a sad movie also love Judy Hops - SliverFeather

It is so good I like to watch it again when I'm bored and it has a good ending and its all animals so best disney movie ever

Zootopia is a better movie than the ones from last year or the year before that.

This movie was awesome

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289School of Rock

Great movie with jack black where he trys to be a sub. teacher.

This movie is not good it is one of the worst jack black movies ever

For those about to rock, put this in the top 10!

One of the best movie ever!

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290The Green Hornet
291Ramona and BeezusV3 Comments
29213 Going On 30
294V for Vendetta

Possibly one of the most inspiring movies ever produced. The amount of thought put into this movie is unparalleled with its intricate concepts and a message that will echo throughout time.

Personally my favorite movie of all time I am in shock that it isn't higher in the ranks. The mystery behind V is great (what does his face look like now? Why does he wear that mask in particular? Etc... ) the story is fantastic it has just the right amount of action, suspense, and mystery.

This is one of the best movies I have ever seen hands down. I love the story, the action, the character development, and the special effects. Originally it was a comic book but it was turned into a breath-taking movie. Definitely a must see.

This movie is communist propaganda. Stupid unrealistic garbage

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295Seven Samurai

This Japanese movie inspired "The Magnificent Seven", and later, " Young Guns". It is the original upon which the others were based. Outstanding, and one of the most classic films of all time.

If you ever get a chance to see this very rare, post-WWII Japanified version of The Magnificent Seven, please do so- it's very much worth your while. In Japanese with English subtitles, it's still very easy to follow and quite entertaining.

The film's strong themes of feudalism and class difference are still very relevant today, no matter what culture you live in. People of any class or background can watch this film and relate to more or less anyone in the film. Furthermore, the cinematography is gorgeous, the music is great and Toshiro Mifune gives an unrelentingly passionate performance as tragicomic character Kikuchiyo.


Legendary movie, deserves to be at least top 10

How is this below frozen? It's so funny!

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297The Outsiders

Reading the book then watching the movie made me realize how similar they both are. The outsiders is a classic and a truly awesome movie.

It will blow your mind how many great actors came from this movie

How is this 321? it may not be as good as the novel, but it's still amazing

How is this below Edward Scissorhands?

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298Edward Scissorhands

perhaps the greatest tim burton film ever this film never fails to please

You don't know if you should cry or laugh, so you do both! - DrHoney

299Johnny English RebornV2 Comments
300Ocean's Eleven

Amazing actors. Amazing story. Amazing filming, photography, etc... But oh, oh, the dialogue. Nothing can beat the chemistry between all these characters. It's got a character that's hard to find in movies today.

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