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322Terms of Endearment

This film made me bawl like a child. It made me cry almost as much as the last episode of "Cowboy Bebop". That's really all I have to say about it.


How is Poltergeist here. Horror movies are horrible these days.

Poltergeist is A M A Z I N G! How could you hate such an fantastic classic? Terrifying for its time, yet still enjoyable today! Only an idiot would hate such a great film!

324The Mighty

This movie changed my view of the world.

This movie is amazing and uplifting!


Fabulous. A much better movie than Alexander, but unfortunately not as appreciated as it should have been because not enough people know what it comes from or is about.

Incredible movie, especially for those who are interested in Ancient History.

This movie kicks more ass than any of those dumb movies in the top ten - sp1d3rman

The war between two great legendary characters - zxm

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326Love and Basketball

Without a doubt within the top ten sports movies of all time. A fusion of Romance and Sport, along with a great cast to back it up.

The best sport film I have ever seen. A fusion of Romance and Drama along with Basketball, must make it a great movie!

Great film, it is so entertaining, I used to diss it before I watched it, but now it is one of my favorite movies!

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This was way better than the good dinosaur. How is this hated?

This movie is a great animated movie and this movie is heartwarming I loved it

Who put this here



A top movie, DeNiro and Pesci have incredible roles, plus it is an epic insight into the corrupt casino business.

Casino is one of those unique movies which takes you into the corrupt world of the casino business

One of the funniest movies, with some excellent moments. Definitely the most overshadowed movie

Sharon Stone is amazing in this movie. This one is worth watching.

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329Friday the 13th

Greatest Stalker serial killer horror move of all time. JASON IS A KING! - gibsonrock53

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A thrilling big motion picture which shakes you and keeps you thinking wow!

after getting over the shaky camera it is the best movie ever

The most unique Sci-Fi Thriller, with amazing underrated performances from TJ Miller and Michael Stahl-David; Cloverfield is one of a kind and is the official monster for the United States, much like Godzilla for Japan.

331Dodgeball - A True Underdog StoryV1 Comment

Very thought out characters. Too bad their making a remake. I miss the original TOBEY MGUIRE as Peter Parker and Spiderman. Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane Watson. And James Franco as Harry. I miss them so much. My favorite Marvel Hero - marytran1645

Switch places to the amazing spider man I mean this is a way better film with some dark scenes sadly but the effect is amazing to me for a 2002 film and the new York atmosphere

Spider-Man is a 2002 American superhero film.

This is the worst Spiderman movie ever

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333Hot Tub Time Machine
334Scream 4

Glad to see it mentioned at all, as it seems to be very forgotten and neglected most times.

336I Saw the Devil
337Rear Window

The master of suspense did a great film, whoever created this list should use their brain

This is the best movie, along with It's a Wonderful Life and Double Indemnity. - jack2244

I mean this is too underrated. same person who commented before

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338There Will Be Blood

This is simply the best acting that I have seen by anyone ever. There were many iconic scenes including one of the best ending scenes in recent history, and the oil derrick scene is amazing. Not to mention the score!

One Of The Best movies Daniel Day Lewis Ever Played In... I appreciate his work!

Brilliant performance by Daniel Day Lewis! Paul Thomas Andersons Masterpiece.

339Cloud Atlas

The most profound experience one can experience in film

340The Place Beyond the Pines
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