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361CommandoV1 Comment

I can't possibly think of one flaw, a brilliant film

363Bridge to Terabithia

I'm sure that everyone has a favorite movie that effects them by blowing them away this is an awesome movie one of the best.

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365The Fugitive

Don't get no better than Tommy Lee Jones and Harrison Ford.. they made a great movie together in the fugitive... I must say Tommy Lee Jones is a very good actor.. I'm sure you Agree... :-)

This list is nothing without this movie in the top ten.

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366The Dogfather

The Godfather, then in became the Dogfather. Lame! But LOL. the title though. But don't make fun of Godfather, considered best movie of all time.


Best movie to know about the how gravity works in this movie with best effects and fear about alone.

Has you holding your breath from start to finish, has to be seen on the big screen, amazing special effects

This movie was all effects and no actual driving force behind it.

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370Blood and Bone
371Animaniacs: Wakko's Wish

The best and most underrated movie of all time! It's the story of a little pig who saves his family! Recommended for people who like movies like Finding Nemo and 101 Dalmatians.

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373American Pop (1981)

This is one of the best superhero movies ever and it was the funniest superhero movie ever I loved Paul Rudd in this movie

Just okay. It didn't feel as good as Avengers
But the fact is its complicated

BEST MOVIE! (lol),for me this was completely I expected the villain lost.they could just make the villain hard and,someone should have died to have emotional moment

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376Anger Management
377Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
378The Snow BeastV2 Comments

Truly clever, an eye opening look at "choose life...choose A job.." Not for the faint of heart-wonderful darkness to the self distructive behaviors dealing withH

Best Movie Ever, not some hollywood rubbish... But anyway... who needs movies when you have heroin. - dianajorge2

Very good movie ever about drugs!

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