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361 The Passion of the Christ The Passion of the Christ

This is the best movie
I've ever seen in my life

not because I'm a catholic,
but the whole movie was superb..

the movie tackle the whole sacrifice
of Jesus Christ..

the seen are so realistic..
and that's the Passion of Christ
is the best movie I've ever seen in whole life!

A great way to witness the gospel of Jesus' redemption through His death, burial and resurrection to your friends. Thank you Jesus for your blood that saved me! Thank you Mel Gibson for making a Bible based movie

An inspirational movie, it is a league of its own... One of a kind movie
Hope mel gibson can make another inspirational movie about the life of Jesus Christ

I'm not religious, so I'm gonna limit the comments on this one, but it was moving at times.

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362 King Kong (1933) King Kong (1933)

This is the greatest movie of all time

King Kong 1933 it classic movie l like

363 Steel Magnolias Steel Magnolias V 1 Comment
364 Vanilla Sky Vanilla Sky

A cover of the movie Abre los ojos (open your eyes)
This movie may take a few views to understand it completely, anyway its a great sci-fi drama thriller with a slight glossy look and odd camera angles. One of my absolute favourites

This movie is a beautiful piece of work. I can't believe it wasn't on here yet... Definitely a must see.

Radiohead - Everything In Its Right Place

365 Twin Town

Watch this film, then tell me it ain't the best!

366 Edward Scissorhands Edward Scissorhands

You don't know if you should cry or laugh, so you do both! - DrHoney

perhaps the greatest tim burton film ever this film never fails to please

367 Hancock Hancock

A comedy classic. Will Smith Rocks. - kcpunk

368 The Italian Job (2003) The Italian Job (2003)

Best movie I have ever seen! Can't wait to watch it for the 20th time! - stephanielovecats

369 Halloween (1978) Halloween (1978)

Halloween it horror film l like it

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370 Pearl Harbor Pearl Harbor

Must watch war movie! Great plot as well as great acting! A real insight of the second world war.

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371 Shrek 2 Shrek 2

My favorite movie of all time and its not even in the top 100. I love all of the Shrek movies I watched them over and over when I was younger. Granted the last two werent that good, but the second is way better than the first. I laugh so hard at this movie even now I find it funny. Loved the Puss and Boots spin off, still waiting on Donkey to get his own movie. Shrek was my childhood if it was yours too vote.

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372 Subway Subway V 1 Comment
373 The Outsiders The Outsiders

Reading the book then watching the movie made me realize how similar they both are. The outsiders is a classic and a truly awesome movie.

It will blow your mind how many great actors came from this movie

How is this 321? it may not be as good as the novel, but it's still amazing

How is this below Edward Scissorhands?

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374 North by Northwest North by Northwest

A person who would rank Dumb And Dumber above North By Northwest has no knowledge in film

Classic Hitchcock with Gregory Peck. Should be rated much higher

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375 It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

There is nothing like this movie. With more stars than the American flag. What a tale of human nature. Watch this movie, watch the faces, hear the lines... too much fun! Don't let anyone tell you what the "Great W" is... figure it out for yourself. Enjoy.

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376 The Manchurian Candidate The Manchurian Candidate
377 Prometheus Prometheus
378 Sixteen Candles Sixteen Candles

This movie does tell us a little something about growing up and how it can be the ride of a lifetime. I recommend this movie to anyone growing up right now.

Anthony Michael Hall is the funniest ever in this movie of the 80's. Everyone must see this at least once in their lifetimes.

I love that movie! The boy who plays Jake, Samantha's boyfriend is sooo cute. (back then)

379 Red Sonja Red Sonja
380 The Town The Town
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