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381Army of Darkness

I honestly thought it was a really creative idea by taking a horror movie hero back in time to medieval Europe to fight off demons and walking skeletons. I just wish it would've took itself so seriously because this is an original idea in my opinion.

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There is another result of Deadpool in this list, look carefully. And why the hell are you guys forcing people to like this movie? This website is for giving opinions. I still love the movie.

Deadpool should be on the first page! I was never really into movies like this but now it's one of my favourite movies. It's so funny! I hope they make a sequel. - birdechosplash

It should be higher, I can understand if it was top 100 because there are a lot of classics but 400+? not acceptable

One of my favorite films and I love the action and humor in it and it was hilarious. - Metts

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383A Few Good Men

Yes, that is a funny scene where Jack Nicholson is testifying in the courtroom and says, "I want to be called Sir or Colonel, I believe I've earned it." Then he mutters under his breath to the judge, "what kind of operation are you running here? " To which the judge replies, "And the witness will address the bench as Judge or Your Honor. I know I've earned it." Funny scene.

Great movie to watch, and had a great performance from Jack Nicholson who actually got nominated for his role. The film is known for one of the best quotes of all time "You Can't Handle the Truth" and another funny one "I want to be called Sir or Colonel I believed I've earned it". A very good courtroom drama.

The most interesting movie of all time. Tom Cruise, Demi Moore and Jack Nicholson give amazing performances along with Kevin Bacon!

A few or more good reviews! This movie has got to be one of the greats, the legendary quote will live on!

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384The Ten Commandments
385Steel MagnoliasV1 Comment
386Vanilla Sky

A cover of the movie Abre los ojos (open your eyes)
This movie may take a few views to understand it completely, anyway its a great sci-fi drama thriller with a slight glossy look and odd camera angles. One of my absolute favourites

This movie is a beautiful piece of work. I can't believe it wasn't on here yet... Definitely a must see.

Radiohead - Everything In Its Right Place

387Coach Carter

This us consider the best or at least one of the best sports movies ever but yet space jam is ranked higher only on this bogus list which obviously has little respect for a great sports movie. Should be way higher or at least way higher than space jam lol

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388Twin Town

Watch this film, then tell me it ain't the best!


A comedy classic. Will Smith Rocks. - kcpunk

390Once Upon a Time in the West

An unromantic view of the American west, those 20 years of lawlessness that have been glamorized and over-romanticized in most films. You will never see Henry Fonda more evil and despicable than his role in this movie. Also, the opening sequence is one of the best ever filmed. - mgenet

One of the greatest films of all time, it is in the top ten movies of all time, plus Henry Fonda gives an amazing performance!

The second best western ever made! It does not surpass the Good the Bad and the Ugly, but we can both believe that Sergio Leone made an epic!

Number one cowboy movie of all time. Sergio"s photography and timing are spectacular

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391Empire Records

one of the best movies in the early 90s when renee zelweger and liv tyler were still cute

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392The Italian Job (2003)

Best movie I have ever seen! Can't wait to watch it for the 20th time! - stephanielovecats

393Pearl Harbor

Must watch war movie! Great plot as well as great acting! A real insight of the second world war.

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394Shrek 2

My favorite movie of all time and its not even in the top 100. I love all of the Shrek movies I watched them over and over when I was younger. Granted the last two werent that good, but the second is way better than the first. I laugh so hard at this movie even now I find it funny. Loved the Puss and Boots spin off, still waiting on Donkey to get his own movie. Shrek was my childhood if it was yours too vote.

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395SubwayV1 Comment
396The Hurt LockerV1 Comment
397It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

There is nothing like this movie. With more stars than the American flag. What a tale of human nature. Watch this movie, watch the faces, hear the lines... too much fun! Don't let anyone tell you what the "Great W" is... figure it out for yourself. Enjoy.

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399The Manchurian Candidate
400Final Destination 3
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