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421Suicide Squad

This is the best movie ever made in 2016.

The movie is very amazing and so is Harley Quinn - spodermanfan1000

Ridiculous! Deadshot is not black!

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422The Crow

i cant beliebe Brandon Lee died while making this film... its horrible, but it is a great movie - Jeheffiner

I can't believe this movie isn't number one on this list. It's the greatest movie on earth. Rest in Peace Brandon Lee.

Definitely not a top movie for many reasons but should be higher because it is a classic

All time favorite probably one if the best movies ever made

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This movie teases with your emotions like no other. The persons you love will become the persons you hate and the otherway around. Oh and the heartbreaking sequence of a young girl getting shot. Truly the best movie ever made!

Every second a thrill, you sort of think you know what's going to happen, but the dynamics
Of the actors and script, take you on a very convoluted journey.
Keep watching, again, again and again, you manage to feel something different each time.

Winner of 3 Oscars. One of the most controversial films of all time, full of sadness

How this is rated so low is a mystery.

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424City of God

A reality check and insight into the cruelties of slumps and child gangland drug warfare.

Exceptional camera work and castings that cannot be differentiated from actors or the first person fly on the wall documentaries. With vivid colours of emotions to with everyone everywhere can relate to at some points of their lives.

In my opinion... Simpler beautiful

It may be in Spanish but it's damn good

If you want to know what Rio de Janeiro was like back then, then watch this movie. Quality scener<y, thrilling story with twists and a fantastic display of acting and realism. Truly of the best gang movies I've seen.

425Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels

have t wonder why the hell this isn't top!
vinnie's lash out at the end was friggin genius couldn't understand a word he was saying - cunningstunts

426Rambo First Blood

The first Rambo movie, and by far the best. Sylvester Stallone is amazing. This movie is full of action and fighting. But it's not just about being chased by the police and blowing things up, you just have to look deeper, and realize how brilliant this movie is.

I cannot believe how low this is. - Powerfultekin

427The Count of Monte Cristo

Awesome movie, too bad not many people have seen it
- IronMaiden

Injustice revenged at it's best by being not only Physically superior than your enemy but wealthier, more gracious and charming, invoking the "I want you because I can't have you" instinct. This is one of those hidden gems in Film, Karma at it's finest.

You dint have a multiple life to live, so dint missed it, it's the film you must watch before you die

i love this movie,.. the story is great,. been watching this several times,.. a great one!,...

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Keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole entire time. It is a must see.

429Temple of Doom

Bugs, bugs, and more bugs! Did i forget all the great action!

Is this the second Indiana Jones movie?

430National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

Funny yet great Christmas movie

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431Ginger Snaps

Hardly anyone seems to know this film, but i think its fantastic - such an original, intruiging script and story line - Jeheffiner

432Kill Bill, Volume 2

Just as epic as volume one. I love it. One of the best action films ever made.

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433Coach Carter

This us consider the best or at least one of the best sports movies ever but yet space jam is ranked higher only on this bogus list which obviously has little respect for a great sports movie. Should be way higher or at least way higher than space jam lol

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434Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

I saw this at the movies the first day it came out, I think it is better than all the other harry potter movies.

This is easily the best harry potter there is, so sad when dumble dore dies though ;(

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435A Knight's Tale
436Fast & Furious

I never saw all six of them but I heard they're the best frachises

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437North by Northwest

A person who would rank Dumb And Dumber above North By Northwest has no knowledge in film

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438Dragon Ball Z - Bardock: The Father of Goku

I love this movie. I'm an anime lover to begin with, but in this one, we get to see more of Goku's father. Overall, it's just a great movie!

439A Face in the Crowd
440Final Destination 2

I like final destination it very scary

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