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421 No Return No Return
422 Mary Poppins Mary Poppins

P. L Travers hated this movie adaptation of her story. She wrote it as a personal drama not an Oliver! -esque musical.

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423 F*** (Documentary)
424 Fury Fury
425 Flight of the Navigator Flight of the Navigator

I fell in love with this one. Still am. - RockFashionista

426 No Good Deed No Good Deed
427 Non-Stop Non-Stop
428 Double Indemnity Double Indemnity V 1 Comment
429 Agents of Secret Stuff
430 Trainspotting Trainspotting

Truly clever, an eye opening look at "choose life...choose A job.." Not for the faint of heart-wonderful darkness to the self distructive behaviors dealing withH

Best Movie Ever, not some hollywood rubbish... But anyway... who needs movies when you have heroin. - dianajorge2

Very good movie ever about drugs!

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431 Dead Poets Society Dead Poets Society

The most amazing Drama of all time and this is Robin Williams best movie of all time! This movie kills me, like the quote!

Definitely one of the definitive Robin Williams Pictures, not to be missed by anyone!

Robin Williams at his best, the most amazing oscar winning masterpiece ever made,

Beautiful movie, the end made me cry, it's so sad!

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432 School of Rock School of Rock

Great movie with jack black where he trys to be a sub. teacher.

For those about to rock, put this in the top 10!

Prepare to learn from the school of rock!

One of the best movie ever!

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433 Coach Carter Coach Carter

This us consider the best or at least one of the best sports movies ever but yet space jam is ranked higher only on this bogus list which obviously has little respect for a great sports movie. Should be way higher or at least way higher than space jam lol

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434 Fargo Fargo

The Coen Brothers' best film by far. Funny, interesting, and clever. A triumph.

A very Good Movie. Fargo should rise higher in time!

Great Movie That Won an Academy Award!

WOW, #269. I'm shocked. This deserves better.

435 The French Connection The French Connection
436 American Gangster American Gangster

not as good as scarface, but still deserves 2 be in the top ten, great movie

437 Blades Of Glory Blades Of Glory

Best movie ever. Will Ferrell is hilarious, and so is John Heder. - willywill72

438 Oldboy Oldboy

A very disturbing movie but the most brilliant and intelligent movie I've ever seen. Not a lot of people have seen it but all of them will rember it for the rest of their life. The actors played it perfectly, the characters are very dep, the story is very captivating and with a lot of surprise and the way it's film is just making this movie THE masterpiece.

439 Enemy at the Gates Enemy at the Gates

brilliant film nobody as really heard about it but I highly recomend it

440 Thelma & Louise Thelma & Louise
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