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441We Bought a Zoo
442MallratsV1 Comment
443Brian's Song
444Clash of the Titans (1981)
445Ender's Game

I think this movie deserves more credit honestly & not just on this list but on others where this movie gets very little love. Not saying its top 100 but it's a better movie than most people give credit for


Best movie to know about the how gravity works in this movie with best effects and fear about alone.

Has you holding your breath from start to finish, has to be seen on the big screen, amazing special effects

This movie was all effects and no actual driving force behind it.

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447Best In Show

This movie was so funny I loved the pets the pets were so cute

448Star Trek VIII: First Contact

Out of all the star trek next generation movies this one is my favorite. it's got action, suspense, really good acting, and a good story. but what I really love about this movie is where Picard tells Lily that money does not exist in the 24th century that humans learn to better themselves without economics. this is a really intriguing and fascinating new idea that everyone should hear, especially the people who are reading this right now. this idea deserves to be passed on and icknowledged by all types of people, I guaranteed.

449Paths of Glory

I enjoyed this predator movie the best. Should be a lot higher & so should predator 1 & 2


Best movie! Inspiring'& romantic!

452Body of Lies
453Mad Max 2: The Road WarriorV1 Comment
454The Smurfs 2
455Dumb And Dumber To

This film was terrible the first one was better

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456The Cokeville Miracle

I loved this movie. Builds your faith on prayer and helps you understand how God works. He does live, He does love us, and He makes miracles happen all the time.


one of if not most well thought out and creative horror movies of all time

Amazing and intense movie. You want to look away, but you can't.

Love the concept back story and development

458Scary Movie

The best movie ever. So funny. This spoof movie's quite good!

This movies better than the actual scream movie

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459Groundhog Day

The more I watch it the more I love it. GREAT ENTERTAINMENT. Funnier every time. Make's me smile about winter, have to love Bill.

I've never understood people who don't like this movie when I saw edge of tomorrow I thought it was an action clone that wasn't as good as the original even though a great movie - Hiimme

It's so good, if you ever feel sick, health, happy, sad or you just want to see an amazing movie see this one.

GREAT entertainment.....great Zen message....funny too! - LateBloom

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460Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Without a doubt the most darkest, chilling and entertaining Potter there is! His long hair is pretty good and his performance is even better! The Goblet of Fire features many great labyrinth twists and turns which keep you watching for a while! Definitely the prime Harry Potter film!

oh my gosh i am such a huge harry potter fan. daniel radclif rocks and so does emma roberts and ropert
so how could this NOT be #1...GO HARRY POTTER...

You don't know the meaning of Harry Potter til you have watched this movie! It was a killer in its prime but has now been overshadowed by the new and latest Harry Potter films!

This Harry Potter film was so good was so good it was the second best Harry Potter movie it should be much higher on this list

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