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441The Bicycle ThiefV1 Comment
442Liar Liar
443The Game

Very good movie(wouldn't watch twice)
Every time you think you understand stuff it shocks you
If you want a good movie to watch now watch it really good

445No Return
446F*** (Documentary)
447The Machinist
448Flight of the Navigator

I fell in love with this one. Still am. - RockFashionista

450Dead Presidents

The scary insight on what a Vietnam war veteran experiences after coming home from the war and what he is willing to go through to survive in the normal world!

With great structure and a superb underrated cast of actors (including Chris Tucker), this movie was one of the most amazing films of its era

A superb movie with an experience of how Vietnam Veterans tried to adjust to life and how they were treated unfairly financially.

The realism of this movie is intense and it is one of the definitive pictures of the mid 90's!

451Sin City

This is probably the most violent film I've ever seen. Not just because of blood and gore (though there's some of it. Not all of it), but because every minute you see each character getting shot, stabbed, slapped, or impaled. It's just so insane.

An amazing movie that had the most beautiful women in the world starring in it. it was a visual work of art! definetly deserves a spot on here

A very comical movie with Bruce willis and Jessica Alba and you can't go wrong with the action!

This should be way higher. Top 100 at least

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452The Queen

The greatest female acting performance of all time! This movie really brings you to life!

A very good Movie, with Oscarwinning Helen Mirren. Helen is a gread Actress. - Tudors

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"Amelie" is one of the best films that I have ever seen. Nice colours, nice woman, nice heart, clever people, kind thoughts - these are all the things that we are forgetting in our real life. In this film with the character Amelie they send us some message: Be kind, love and only after these you will be loved.. Thanks for the movie, that is great!

Beautiful movie, really feel good but not in the usual cheesy manner paraded by the Hollywood feel good genre. Full of beautiful cinematic scenes, bright colour and a real depth of emotion being portrayed throughout. By far one of my favourite movies, well worth watching subbed if you're English.

Every single detail of this film is amazing.
The story, the dialogues, how it is narrated and most important: the message.
Highly recommended, such a beautiful film, certainly a must.
Won the Oscar for:
Best Foreign Language Film (France)
Best Art Direction
Best Cinematogprahy
Best Original Screenplay
Best Sound


A very good movie!

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454The Ten Commandments

Arguably the greatest comedy film of all time. Excellent dialogue, characters, and overall a great movie. "By the way, is there anyone who knows how to fly a plane? " That's all you need. - Lasvegasxavier

One of the best movies ever by far, took comedy in new hilarious directions.

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456American Gangster

not as good as scarface, but still deserves 2 be in the top ten, great movie


A very disturbing movie but the most brilliant and intelligent movie I've ever seen. Not a lot of people have seen it but all of them will rember it for the rest of their life. The actors played it perfectly, the characters are very dep, the story is very captivating and with a lot of surprise and the way it's film is just making this movie THE masterpiece.

458Halloween (1978)

Halloween it horror film l like it

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This is a great movie. You guys aren't voting for it just because it's old.

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460Johnny Got His Gun

This film will haunt me forever

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